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April 2022

Audio/Video wizard in ProCall

ProCall provides you with an audio/video wizard for selecting or testing suitable devices for audio/video communication and softphone. The wizard shows you the available devices. You can configure or test devices such as the headset, microphone or camera for playing and recording.

How to start the wizard?

You can find the Audio/Video wizard in the ProCall main window. Right-clicking on the Video symbol  or on the three dots top right  shows the menu item Start Audio/Video Wizard

Sample screenshot: Start the wizard in the ProCall main window

Sample screenshot: Select your audio devices for Audio/Video Chat and Softphone

Select the audio devices you want to use or test for ProCall for the microphone and playback for AudioChat/VideoChat or Softphone.

Sample Screenshot: Select video device/camera

Select the video device and camera to use in ProCall for VideoChat


The availability of the function depends on system environment, configuration, ProCall version and granted permissions.

Further technical information (administration and configuration)

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