State of knowledge

June 2020


Where are the selected audio/video devices saved in the Audio/Video Wizard?


They are stored in the registry under: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ESTOS\UCServer<VX>\CtiMain

  • Microphone = AVAudioMicDevice
  • Loudspeaker (playback) = AVAudioSpkDevice
  • Camera = AVCamDevice
  • Ring tone= AVAudioRingSpkDevice

The device that is plugged in and has the lowest number is always used.

If Device 0 is not plugged in, Device 1 is selected and so on. When Device 0 is plugged in again, it automatically becomes the selected one.

Example screenshot: UCServer – Registry Editor – Computer – HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software – ESTOS – UCServer4 – CtiMain