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April 2024

Requirement: ProCall 8 Enterprise version from 8.2

Version info for 8.4.2

For full functionality, please re-upload ProCall manifest file "" by administrator in Microsoft Teams Admin Center and install in the latest ProCall App for Microsoft Teams from the cloud.

Please note Release Notes ProCall 8 Enterprise 8.4.2

Overview estos ProCall App for Microsoft Teams

With the ProCall App for Microsoft Teams, essential functions of the ProCall client are provided directly as an app in Microsoft Teams and can be used in combination with ProCall 8 Enterprise. Calls can be initiated directly from the Teams application without the need for an SBC or Microsoft telephony license.

estos ProCall has a web service that handles the communication between UCServer and the ProCall app. Alternatively, the ProCall app can be connected to ProCall Mobility Services via UCConnect. For call setup via telephone, audio or video chat, a locally installed ProCall client is addressed, whose conversation window then opens for further call control.

Example screenshot: estos ProCall App for Microsoft Teams – built for your org

Product scope/functions

The ProCall App for Microsoft Teams is another component to ProCall Enterprise
It is presented in the Microsoft Teams client and offers a variety of useful features: 

  • Telephony function: direct initiation of calls from Teams, without SBC or Microsoft telephony license
  • Call log: Overview of ProCall calls and audio/video chats directly in Microsoft Teams (last hundred yearly entries).
  • Favorites list: Display frequently contacted contacts
  • Contact information: Call and contact information, including contact details, call notes, and availability.
  • Contact search: Enter contacts and dial phone numbers directly in Microsoft Teams
  • Integration: Contact search and information via the data sources connected in the UCServer/MetaDirectory
  • Presence management: Presence integration of ProCall Enterprise in Microsoft Teams enables quick checking of the availability of colleagues and customers
  • Flexible settings options: Make line settings such as call forwarding, remote office, and call protection directly in Microsoft Teams.
Example screenshot: estos ProCall App for Microsoft Teams Phone Overview of contacts and call list

Example screenshot: estos ProCall App for Microsoft Teams – Phone – Start call

Example screenshot: estos ProCall App for Microsoft Teams – Phone – Call list overview – All – Call note and contact details



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Further information

ProCall App for Microsoft Teams product page

ProCall App für Microsoft Teams

The estos guidelines for the support of third-party products – interoperability information applies.

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