Have you received an invitation to a meeting via ProCall Meetings? Here's how you can easily join a meeting room as a guest and participate in a video conference or online meeting

State of knowledge

June 2022


You need internet access with a web browser with – depending on the communication actions – access to a camera or a microphone or headset

Registration or download of a special app is not required. 

What web browsers can be used?

Before you enter the meeting room

Open the link provided by the meeting organizer. If necessary, have the PIN for joining the online meeting at hand.


Enter PIN

If it is necessary to enter a PIN, enter the PIN now.

Grant access to camera and microphone

  • First, you need to grant permission to access the camera and microphone. (Allow or Block).
Example screenshot: Grant access to camera and microphone

Notes: Mozilla Firefox

If you regularly use the Firefox browser with the same devices for ProCall meetings, then it is recommended to activate the "Remember decision" authorization request. Otherwise, you have to confirm this query every time you access the devices.

Check devices and connection

Enter your name/participate as a guest

Enter your name or an appropriate pseudonym. During the meeting, you can subsequently change/edit your display name by clicking on the participant list.

Optionally log in as ProCall user

If you are a ProCall user, you can additionally log in as a ProCall user with your ProCall account data as a participant in a meeting via ProCall Meetings.

This login is not necessary for meeting participation but can help you and other ProCall users with automatic presence update help.
Example: other ProCall users will then see your presence status as "Busy" with the note "In meeting", if your presence profiles are set accordingly, your presence will be displayed and evaluated with "Do not disturb/call protection". 

Enable/disable camera and microphone and test output

Use the Camera and Microphone buttons to decide whether you want to enter the meeting room with the camera and microphone already switched on (green) or whether you want to switch on the camera and microphone later (red).

Via next to the Camera or Microphone you can select other available devices.

Optional: Save settings

You can optionally save your settings and join the meeting directly next time. 

Customize background

The background design can be changed before or during a meeting via the drop-down menu at the camera icon  and virtual backgrounds can be activated here. 

Save bandwidth/Data saving mode

If you do not have a powerful internet connection or want to save data volume on your smartphone, for example, you can switch on the so-called data saving mode when entering a meeting via 

Example screenshot: Join in data-saving mode (video streams restricted)

For this purpose, video streaming from other participants is suppressed and switched to audio mode. You will not see the other participants then, but your own image will be transmitted (if the camera is activated). You can also see screen shares in data saving mode. 

Waiting in the lobby

Wait in the lobby until the meeting starts. As soon as the meeting is started by the organizer or another authorized user, you will be admitted to the meeting room.

Example Screenshot ProCall Meetings: Waiting in the lobby for the meeting to start...

Enter meeting room: Here we go!


Camera on/off

Device dependent: Rotate camera

For mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, switching between the front camera and the rear camera is also possible with two cameras. 

Microphone on/off



Meeting participants who are currently speaking are displayed in a highlighted manner. 

Example ProCall meetings with four participants – the speaker is displayed


Here you will find settings options for your meeting participation:

  • Device settings: Change and test input/output devices and microphone
  • Select language
  • Enable notifications

You can be notified audibly:

  • When a new participant enters the meeting room
  • When a participant leaves the meeting room
  • When there is a new chat message/reaction
Example screenshot: Settings in ProCall Meetings

Display settings: Appearance

You can select the following settings for the display.

Dark or bright appearance: Display in Dark Mode or Bright Mode

For participation in the meeting, you can select according to your personal display preferences:

  • Bright
    light background, dark display of font and menus
  • Dark
    Dark background, bright display of fonts and menus (often perceived as easier on the eyes and may require less battery power to display on mobile devices).

Meeting organizers can additionally choose the following setting: 

  • Default
    Dashboard (meeting organization/home area in bright mode and meeting participation in dark mode)

Arrange active speakers and passive participants

  • Grid View

    All meeting participants are displayed equally

  • Conversation View 

    Meeting participants for whom no speaker activity is currently visible are displayed equally. Meeting participants who are currently actively speaking (maximum 2) are displayed more prominently.  

  • Focus View (available from 5 participants)
  • Meeting participants who are actively speaking are visible.
    Meeting participants from whom no speaker activity is visible are not displayed. 
    The participant who is currently sharing his screen (presenter) is displayed in a small extra window. You can move this window to any place on the screen. 

Prioritize display: Pin other participants

  • You can prioritize other meeting participants in a meeting via the "pin" icon .
    (These participants are displayed first in the view, even if they are not actively speaking at the time).
Example: Grid View

Example: Conversation View

Share chat messages

Here you can write messages to the other participants or see their chats. You can see or hide the chat displayed next to the online meeting. 

A chat message can be sent either to all participants via "Group" or as a private message to a single participant selected via the icon.

Alternatively, you can send a private message to an individual participant via the participant list.  

Show reactions

Reactions are displayed directly above the camera image or the name of a meeting participant. 

You can use it to quickly express applause, thank you or like/dislike, for example. You also see the reaction of other meeting participants immediately.
The inserted reactions are also noted in the chat.

Share screen

Example screenshot ProCall Meetings: Share your screen/your presentation online with other participants

For better collaboration, you can share your screen content with others, for example, to show a presentation or demonstrate what you are currently working on

Here you can select which screen section you want to share with other participants for viewing:

  • Entire screen – If you are using multiple screens: Select screen
  • Select application window
  • Select special excerpt of a browser view (select tab)

Via the SHARE button, you start screen sharing. Via you can end the screen-sharing again.

Example screenshot: Split screen content – selection options

The range of screen sharing features offered depends on the browser used.

Obtain moderator rights

The organizer/moderator of a meeting can assign moderator rights to you as a participant

If you are appointed as a moderator, you have extended options in the meeting, such as muting other participants:

Show list of participants

You can see the number of participants in the meeting and show/hide the list of participants. Here you can also change their display name within the meeting.

Private messages (chats)

You can send a chat message (private message) to individual participants here.

Microphone and camera status of the other participants

The participant list shows you the current microphone and camera status (on/off) for each participant.

Edit your displayed name

By opening the list of participants you can edit/change your displayed name while a meeting.

Check connection status

shows you your current connection status. You can see here information like bandwidth, resolution and frames per second, possible packet losses.

Use keyboard shortcuts/shortcuts 

In ProCall Meetings you have the possibility to use shortcuts to execute commands from the keyboard.

For example, you can hold down the space bar in a meeting as long as you want to speak. As soon as you release the space bar, your microphone is muted.
Via the question mark in the ProCall Meetings operating menu, you can find the list of available shortcuts

Examples of shortcuts and actions

Mute/unmute microphoneM
Camera on/offV
Open/Close TextChatC
Start/stop screen sharingX
Speak/Mute (push-to-talk)
Space bar
Call settingsS
Show/Close Participant ListU
Show meeting linkL
List of shortcuts/key shortcuts to call upH

Info about ProCall Meetings  

Click the info button to get more information about ProCall Meetings. 

  • Website of the provider estos GmbH
  • Support page with helpful articles about ProCall Meetings
  • Information about the version used 
  • Report problem
    For analysis purposes and to support the manufacturer in improving/further developing the product, you can provide analytical data and log data via Report Problem.
  • Show licenses
    ProCall Meetings uses open source licenses, which you can view here. 

Leave meeting room

Submit rating

After leaving the meeting, you can submit an evaluation of your experience with ProCall Meetings to the manufacturer. 


The availability of functions depends, among other things, on ProCall Meetings version, device options and granted permissions.