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March 2022

If you additionally register or log in with ProCall user data before participating in an online meeting via ProCall Meetings, you benefit from the integration of ProCall Meetings in ProCall Enterprise: You do not have to manually adjust/change your status. ProCall Enterprise can evaluate the meeting participation and updates your presence status accordingly and, if necessary, call protection.

Other ProCall users who are logged on to the same UCServer in your company will thus automatically see that you are in the meeting and not available.

How does ProCall Meetings affect the display/settings in ProCall Enterprise?

As soon as you join a meeting via ProCall Meetings, your presence is automatically displayed as "Busy" with the status "In Meeting", if the presence profiles are set accordingly, the presence is displayed and evaluated with "Do not disturb/Call protection". 

After leaving the meeting, your ProCall presence status will be reset to the previous state.

Example presence display

  • Presence is set to "Busy".
  • "In meeting" appears in your status.
Example screenshot: ProCall user status Busy with "In a meeting" note

Example call protection

  • Call protection is activated.
  • Presence is set to "Do not disturb".
Example screenshot: View for other users: In a meeting, Do not disturb, Call protection

You can reach these settings in connection with "Call protection" in the settings of the ProCall Client for Windows.

  • Cross-device Busy on Busy

  • and call protection controls the "Do not disturb" presence status.

Cross-device Busy on Busy

This setting sets call protection on all communication devices that support it.

Call protection, for example, causes you to be unavailable on the phone for an incoming call, incoming calls are rejected.

The range of functions depends on the used PBX and TAPI driver or Softphone settings.

Call protection controls presence status

This setting requires "Busy on Busy" to be activated across all devices. Because call protection is active during a meeting, your own presence is also set to "Do not disturb" during this time.

Example screenshot: Settings – Telephony – Call protection

Administrative Vorgaben

It is possible that the settings described above are already specified administratively and cannot be changed by you. 

Further integration options in the ProCall client for Windows

Activate administratively

The integration of ProCall Meetings in the ProCall client for Windows allows you to use functions of ProCall Meetings such as starting, scheduling and inviting participants directly in the ProCall client for Windows without having to switch to the ProCall Meetings platform. Thanks to the integration, the appropriate menu items are available to you simply by clicking on them in the context menu or action bars, for example in the "My" area, in the chat window, in the call window, in the monitor or in the favorites for the respective contact. Invitations to meetings and links to a meeting can be easily sent via chat or e-mail. In addition to your other upcoming appointments, you will then also be notified of upcoming online meetings via the speech bubble and can participate directly with a simple click.

The integration can be administratively made available to all ProCall Enterprise users who have a license for ProCall Meetings activated.

ProCall Meetings integration in ProCall client for Windows

Customization of the client

Call ProCall Meetings directly from ProCall Enterprise client

User-defined actions

Using the "Settings → Actions → Custom Actions" in ProCall Client for Windows, you can customize the main menu, context menus, or call windows.

Example screenshot: Settings → Actions → Custom actions

Here you can, for example, extend the main menu, so that a jumping-off point to the meeting platform is created here:

As an icon, you can download the favicon of the website:

If you then activate the checkbox for the action in the "Menu integration" column, this entry will be added to the menu in the main menu of the ProCall Client for Windows or in the system tray when you right-click on the ProCall icon:

Meet Now

You can also use the new "Meet Now" feature to create an instant meeting directly from a call or chat window:

Then activate the checkbox for the action in the "Call window integration" column, then the chat or call window will be extended with a button for Meet Now.

Further information

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