State of knowledge

February 2021

With ProCall Meetings you have the possibility to activate the data saving mode for your participation in a meeting.

Data saving mode â€“ what is it?

If you do not have a powerful internet connection or want to save data volume on your smartphone, for example, you can switch on the so-called data saving mode when entering a meeting or during the meeting

This is done by suppressing video streaming from other participants and switching to audio mode.

In data saving mode

You will not see the other participants, but your own image will be transmitted (if the camera is activated).

Screen sharing is not restricted
You can also see other participants' screen sharing in data saving mode or share your own screen with other participants.  

Activate data saving mode

You can activate the data saving mode:

  • when entering a meeting 
  • during the meeting in the settings

How can I see if the data saving mode is active?

You can see whether the data saving mode is activated by the symbol.

Deactivate data saving mode

With a click on  you can deactivate the data saving mode again.