State of knowledge

August 2021
From ProCall Meetings Version 1.1.4. Desktop. 

From ProCall Meetings version 1.1.5. Android (Blur only).

When participating in a meeting, it may be appropriate in a videoconference not to show the environment you are in, or to show it only in an indistinct way, for example, to protect personal privacy, to avoid visual distractors or distractions in the background, or to design the background according to your company's corporate identity.

For this purpose, the background can be set individually in ProCall Meetings:

  • Blur effect (background with blur/soft focus)
  • Design your personal background (upload image)


The use of virtual backgrounds is only available on desktop PCs.

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome or Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

System resources

Using virtual backgrounds consumes local system resources and can result in a poorer meeting experience. If the functionality is not offered at your site, then there are not enough hardware resources available (e.g. less than 4 CPU cores)..

Enable/disable virtual background

You can change the background design before or during a meeting using the drop-down menu on the camera icon :

  • no virtual background
  • Blur effect
  • upload your own virtual backgrounds or delete saved ones

Example screenshot: Choices for selecting/adjusting the background

Mirror image

In your personal view (in the local video stream), the background images are displayed upside down. Other participants, however, see them the right way up.

Mozilla Firefox as a browser and meeting tab in the background

When using Mozilla Firefox as the browser in conjunction with the virtual background in the meeting, the browser reduces the quality of the stream when the browser tab of the meeting is moved to the background.