State of knowledge

January 2022

Essential information on commissioning, configuration, tips and tricks on operation and troubleshooting can be found here.

Likewise, our extensive genera documentation should be consulted as a first point of contact for any questions you may have.

A general overview of the third-party products supported by ProCall Enterprise and ProCall Business can be found on the following pages:

ProCall Enterprise groupware integration for Microsoft interfaces

Video Tutorial

An overview of the basic functionality and commissioning is provided by the following video with a recording from our webinar series "Tech Essentials LIVE" from January 2022 (Language: German)

ProCall Enterprise and the connection to Microsoft Exchange Server via the interfaces EWS (Exchange Web Services) and/or MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) and the corresponding configuration in the ProCall workstation settings.

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Connection via EWS (Exchange Web Services)

Conversion of the connection via MAPI to EWS


Further possibilities to administratively specify the groupware integration can be found in our article Best Practice: Administrative specification of data sources and search nodes

Configuration: Open Microsoft Outlook contacts on incoming calls

Message "There is no default e-mail client"

HCL Notes integration


The authentication of ProCall Enterprise with HCL Notes is handled by a special notes.ini file.
It may be necessary to set the path to the notes.ini file manually depending on the HCL Notes installation.
Please note that you may have Windows access permissions to the location of this file.

Specialist applications

Use estos ProCall with DATEV


A requirement for the successful integration of DATEV is an installation of "DATEV Workstation pro" with "Telephony pro", on which workstation/terminal server ProCall client is used.

Use Windows® 10 apps integration

Additional information

Connection to Tobit david

The connection to the Tobit david information and communication system is no longer available since estos ProCall 6 Enterprise.