State of knowledge

May 2024


  • Active estos software maintenance agreement (SMA)
  • ProCall Enterprise client for Windows as of version 8.2 (has to be started simultaneously with Microsoft Teams Windows Desktop client)
  • Microsoft Teams Desktop client (work and school) - no preview version!
  • UCServer at least 8.2 with activated WebService HTTPS (UCServer Management → Services → External Server) or UCConnect account
  • Accessibility of the UC web service from the workplace of the Microsoft Teams client (see Voraussetzungen und Einschränkungen)

The UCServer self-signed certificate cannot be used to securely connect the ProCall App for Microsoft Teams to the web server.

Operating systems

  • Supported operating system: Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS, Android, iOS are not supported.


An unencrypted connection to UC Web Server is not possible. You have to make sure, that the connection to the client workstation is detected as "secure".

It is recommended to use the ProCall app for Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft Teams Windows Desktop Client.
Within the Web Client, URL links like tel: might not be available.

May 2024: The function "Start Audio/VideoChat" has been temporarily deactivated as it is not supported in the new Microsoft Teams client and caused the application to crash.
A callback for audio and video chats can now be made by phone.

Teams is one of the trademarks owned by Microsoft Corporation and its affiliated companies.