April 2020

estos guidelines for handling lifecycle data and support periods of third-party products and systems

This Third-Party Support Policy of estos regulates the handling of estos products and services in connection with products or services of third parties, which are specified by estos as system requirements or supported platforms.

The use of estos products generally requires a functioning system environment and compliance with the system requirements as stated in the estos terms of use and documentation.

Product life cycle of third-party products

Since estos has no influence on the information on the product lifecycle and corresponding support periods of third parties, the basic handling is regulated here as an estos guideline and is an essential part of the terms of use for estos software or services. A release by estos for a certain version/release status of a third-party product basically takes place at a certain time and for a concrete release of the estos software as stated in the release notes. If the support period for the third-party product expires, this also applies to the estos software product, even if this system was still supported at the time of estos software release. 

An existing estos software version is not automatically executable with a future/new system.

If a problem with the estos software occurs in connection with a third-party product, the correction can only be made for systems that are currently in the support period. Corrections are always made in the latest estos software version.

estos reserves the right to terminate support for operating systems and other third-party products, even if they are still in the support period of the respective manufacturer.

Interoperability with third-party products

estos tests systems and products declared as interoperable with estos products for interoperability at a certain time before release. This concerns special product versions and defined system environments at this time. Since estos has no influence on the further development of third-party products, estos cannot guarantee that the interoperability between estos software and third-party systems and products also applies to other product versions or changed system environments without restrictions.

estos software on Microsoft Windows operating systems

estos ensures that its software products run on Microsoft Windows operating systems still in the support period of Microsoft and explicitly designated by estos as supported for a certain version of the estos software. If the support period for the operating system expires, this also applies to the estos software product, even if this system was still supported at the time of the estos software release. 

Note on using Microsoft client operating systems for estos server software

Server services (e.g. UCServer, MetaDirectory) are not supported on Microsoft client operating systems.

In addition, the number of connections to a client operating system is limited in the Microsoft EULA. Before installing estos server software on a client operating system, please make sure that the number of connections is not exceeded (multi-use scenarios - device connections). Further information: Microsoft license conditions:

estos software and the product range of online service providers (cloud-based services)

If estos software is declared compatible with a product offered by an online service provider, this means that this online service functions as described at the time of publication of the estos software version. This does not automatically apply in the future, as online service providers reserve the right to make changes to the online service offer and this may lead to incompatibilities with a software version of estos. 

SIP capable telephone systems for softphones

SIP capable PBXs and their firmware/software versions are supported as long as:

  • the used firmware/software version of the PBX is still being supported by the respective manufacturer, and
  • the release of the firmware/software version used by the manufacturer was not more than one year ago, or
  • the firmware/software version is explicitly mentioned by estos as supported, and
  • the firmware/software version was not explicitly excluded by estos.

Third-party terms of use

For products and services that do not originate from estos the usage information and terms of use of the respective manufacturer/provider are decisive for the use/provision of these third-party systems.