State of knowledge

June 2022



Operating modeMulti-ServerSingle-Server
Number of UCServers >1
up to max. 4 currently

MediaServer outsourcing to separate machines(plus)(minus)
Number of MediaServers>1
up to max. 4 currently
Userspro UCServer
5 to 2,500 users
5 to 2,500 users
Cross-server collaboration via SIP federation(plus)(plus)
Cross-server collaboration via REDIS(plus)(minus)

Administrative functions

Multi-admin access(plus)(minus)
Cross-server chat and journal database in SQL Server(plus)(minus)
Administration of licenses across servers (central license management) (plus)(minus)
Cross-server administration of users (central user database) (plus)(minus)
Local, file-based user management(minus)


Cross-server configuration administration (central server database)(plus)(minus)

Client-side functions

All ProCall Enterprise features(plus)(plus)
Record calls(minus)(plus)

Comparison of cross-server collaboration via ProCall DataCenter vs. SIP federation

ProCall DataCenterSIP federation

Exchange of presence states


in detail


Setting presences with third parties

 (plus) (minus)

1:1 Chat

 (plus) (plus)

Group chat

 (plus) (minus)

Transmission states (chat delivered, read)

 (plus) (minus)

Setting call forwarding with third parties

 (plus) (minus)

Pick-up call from a third party

 (plus) (minus)

Central administration

 (plus) (minus)

Central licensing

 (plus) (minus)