State of knowledge

August 2022

Commissioning of ProCall DataCenter requires network knowledge and knowledge of administration and configuration to meet the system requirements.

In particular, the underlying databases (Redis and Microsoft SQL Server) must be commissioned in a functional manner.
For planning and commissioning of the entire architecture in the corporate network, service effort and system integration may be required.

The System requirements for ProCall DataCenter are basically the same as for ProCall 7 Enterprise. The recommendation for system design is also the same as for ProCall 7 Enterprise. 

In addition, further/special system requirements must be met for the operation of ProCall DataCenter:

Advanced/Special System Requirements for ProCall DataCenter

A ProCall DataCenter multi-server environment always consists of at least two UCServers that are interconnected via a central database structure. The minimum system configuration is therefore as follows:

  • 2x UC-Server  (incl. MediaServer and Web Service) 
  • 1x MS SQL database
  • 1x Redis database


Hardware requirements

Please follow the recommendations at Redis Docs.

Minimum system requirement

For use in connection with ProCall DataCenter, we recommend the use of the following minimum system requirement: 

  • CPU: 8 cores at 3.6 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Free mass storage: 100 GB
  • Network: min. 250 MBit/s

Operating system

For the choice of the operating system we refer to the current Redis documentation:  Redis Docs.
The most common and tested choice in practice is a Linux distribution and therefore also our recommendation. 

Redis version

For successful and performant use of ProCall DataCenter you need a Redis version in major version 6..
We recommend the use of the latest Subversion. 

System time

Since ProCall DataCenter consists of several servers connected to each other (multi-server environment), it should be ensured that the system time of the servers used is synchronous with each other. This is the basis for correlating corresponding log files in the event of an error. 


The following licenses are required to use ProCall DataCenter:

  • Per server: Each UC and media server running on its own machine requires a server license.
  • Per user: Each user that is activated in the user administration requires a user license. This is independent of whether the user is currently actively using the client. Each user license includes two line licenses.  

Supported third-party products/interoperability

For further information on supported third-party products and interoperability details for e.g. groupware systems, headsets, PBXs please click here:

ProCall 7 Enterprise: Supported third-party products

Further information

ProCall DataCenter – technical information – overview