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ProCall DataCenter 2206.2 was released on  as a maintenance release.

When performing the update, please follow instructions for the update within a product version. 

ProCall DataCenter (Core) 2206.2 (Build 6433)


New functions
  • Clients can now also get a list of management servers in the ProCall client workstation settings and can query them. 
  • To prevent unintentional changing of presence domains, this is now only possible via the server setup.
  • The server heartbeat now detects servers newly added to the multi-server environment without a server restart.
  • To improve the analysis options in case of errors, the "Full Memory Dumps" are now activated by default. However, manual deactivation is still possible.
  • When activating a user, the current server to which the administration interface is logged on is now entered as the home server if the user's home server is empty or the user's home server is "unknown" (= not part of the multi-server environment).
  • Since software distribution programs are often used in organizations with multi-server environments, ProCall's own client software distribution is set to disabled by default for ProCall DataCenter. However, it can still be activated and used manually. 
  • The audio/video wizard settings are now also displayed under the three-dot menu in the ProCall client if the "Lock settings" option is set for the client. 
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented setting a cross-server call forwarding if the line was registered on both servers of the federation. 
  • In push notifications on mobile devices, there was an issue with group chats that the message content and sender were not displayed in the notification if they were sent by a user from the other server. This has been fixed. The sender and message content are now displayed regardless of the sending user's management server.
  • The settings page for configuring an SMTP server in the UCAdmin interface is now also available under ProCall DataCenter. 
  • A bug that prevented "next" clicking in the ProCall workstation settings has been fixed. 

Please also refer to the ProCall 7.5.2 Enterprise Release Notes for changes that do not explicitly affect ProCall DataCenter, but also ProCall Enterprise.

Known problems and limitations

We publish known problems and limitations on the following page. 

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