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Release for ProCall 8 Enterprise Services Release 3 (Version 8.3) on 26/10/2023 – what's new?


The new third service release of ProCall 8 Enterprise includes a comprehensive package of improvements and new features:

The new features, such as call pickup in all TC scenarios (both on the softphone and via CTI), expand the usage options with various telephone systems for TAPI lines and SIP lines. ProCall Enterprise now also supports softphone functionality with the PBX STARFACE White Label. The integration of ChatGPT via API enables the easy use of AI (artificial intelligence) for your everyday work directly in the ProCall client. We have revised the call window in the ProCall mobile app for iOS. We have also made improvements to the ProCall app for Microsoft Teams. The contact data editor has been further improved. For administration and management of the ProCall Enterprise installation, the UCServer status monitor now provides a better overview of existing licenses and active users.

In the release notes you will find an overview of the main new features, requirements, references to setup options and new/updated connection instructions and telephony functions for telephone systems:

Please also note the release notes for the maintenance release with version 8.3.1: ProCall 8 Enterprise Release Notes 8.3.1

Release for ProCall Voice Services 2310.0 on 26/10/2023 – what's new?


With Release 2310.0, ProCall Voice Services customers from ProCall Enterprise Version 8.3.0 onwards automatically have the option of setting up 3-digit extensions. In addition to the previously supported end devices, the Gigaset DECT system N670 and the analog adapter from Grandstream can now also be set up as end devices:

You can find the overview in the release notes:

ChatGPT integration in ProCall 8 Enterprise requirements, setup and possible uses


From ProCall Enterprise 8.3.0, ProCall supports the integration of ChatGPT via the interface of the providers OpenAI and Microsoft with Azure OpenAI Service. For the central setup on the UCServer, the so-called API key is required, for which an account must be set up with the AI platforms (third-party providers). The terms and conditions of the third-party provider apply to the account.

The chatbot itself can thus be activated as a separate ProCall user via the interface, so that other (appropriately authorized) ProCall users in the company can "chat" with ChatGPT directly from the ProCall interface in the chat and in the group chat with their requests and make their requests.

In our new article, we have summarized the essential information on supporting the interface, requirements, usage options in chat/group chat on the client and the setup on the UCServer:

MetaDirectory Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics which systems does replication work for?


With Dynamics and Dynamics 365, Microsoft has combined several solutions for CRM and ERP into one product family. There have been several renamings and changes to the underlying systems, which are not easy to assign at first glance.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (formerly Dynamics CRM)
    This involves Microsoft's CRM system with the core modules Sales, Marketing, Service, Project Planning, Field Service and HR.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics Navision/NAV)
    This is Microsoft's largest ERP system with the core modules Finance and Operations.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Microsoft Dynamics Axapta or Microsoft Dynamics AX or also called DAX for short)
    This is Microsoft's largest ERP system with the core modules Finance and Operations.

You can find more information and which replication is possible with MetaDirectory Enterprise in our new article:


Video tutorial: Softphone – mastering technical challenges (webinar recording)


Our October 2023 Tech Essentials LIVE webinar focused on Softphone – mastering technical challenges

We recorded the Tech Essentials LIVE for you as a video:

Softphone – mastering technical challenges

  • Protocol and network analysis
  • Presentation of the procedure with Wireshark
  • Creation of the required log files

Language: German
Duration: approx. 92 minutes

Registration required.

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Analyze packet loss rate/connection quality for softphone calls: Our tool ScanMediaAVLogs for analyzing statistical data of the UC media server


At the end of a SIP softphone call made via the estos UC media server, the SIP gateway in estos UCServer retrieves the statistics data and writes this retrieved data.

  • in the SIP gateway log  sipav_YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM.txt 
  • in the statistics log file mediaav_YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM.txt.

Two records are always written to the log files for a call:

  • a record for the WebRTC endpoint of the UC media server: the connection between UC media server and ProCall Enterprise client
  • a record for the RTP endpoint of the UC media server: the connection between the UC media server and the telephone system

The statistics log file mediaav_YYYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM.txt thus provides a quick overview of the connection quality of SIP softphone calls from the estos UC media server's point of view.

With our evaluation tool ScanMediaAVLogs – executable via command line on Microsoft Windows operating systems – you can query the key figures accordingly and thus, for example, analyze the connection quality of the softphone calls and identify those calls that have a higher packet loss rate.

Our new article shows you how to proceed with specific examples:

Softphone lines out of service after update to UCServer 8.3 – certification error?


If you notice that softphone lines can no longer be registered after a UCServer update to version 8.3, this indicates a certification error.

Wir haben in unserem neuen Artikel Hinweise zusammen gefasst, wie Sie dies erkennen und ein neues Zertifikat einspielen können:


New releases at estos – recently released


You can find an overview of our Release Notes here... 


Tuesday 21 November 2023 Tech Essentials LIVE – news from estos product support


estos Partner News

Tech Essentials LIVE November 2023
Webinar online – exclusively for certified estos partners

Language: German

Tuesday, 21 November 2023 – 11.00 am

New features in ProCall 8 Enterprise Service Release 3

  • Call pickup in all TC scenarios
  • Integration of ChatGPT
  • Revised call window in the ProCall mobile app for iOS
  • Softphone support for the STARFACE white label telephone system
  • Upgrades in ProCall Voice Services

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