State of knowledge

March 2022

Brief overview/comparison of the main functions in ProCall Enterprise/ProCall Business/ProCall One R2:


ClientsEnterprise 7Business 21H2One R2
ProCall client for Windows(tick)(tick)(tick)
ProCall for Android(tick)(tick)(minus)
ProCall for iOS(tick)(tick)(minus)
ProCall for Mac(tick)(minus)(minus)
ProCall Meetings(tick)(minus)(minus)
LiveChat Agenten client(tick)(minus)(minus)

Basic features


Enterprise 7

Business 21H2

One R2

Connection to the telephone system via TAPI

(plus) (plus)*(plus)
Connection to telephone system with integrated ECSTA(minus) (plus)*(minus)

Connection to the telephone system via SIP for softphone

(plus) (plus)*(minus)

Call recording


SMS dispatch




Mobility Services via UCConnect


Connection of free STUN/TURN servers


Conversion of the UCServer database from SQLLite to SQL


MultiLine TSP


Advanced remote TSP

Remote Office(plus)(minus)(minus)

Client TSP




Transfer content in chat

Screen sharing(plus)(plus)(minus)



Adjustments to the call window

Import integrated contact details(minus)   (plus)**(minus)

Microsoft Teams integration

ProCall Meetings integration(plus)(minus)(minus)
Connection of data sources
directly at ProCall Client for Windows


  • Local Microsoft Exchange Server (On-Premises)
    via EWS (Exchange Web Services) and/or MAPI
  • Microsoft 365 Office/Outlook (Cloud) 
    via oAuth2 and EWS (Exchange Web Services)
  • Active Directory
  • Telephone directories
    • DasTelefonbuch des TVG Verlages (local installation)
    • TwixTel
  • + ODBC (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Excel)
  • + G Suite (Google Apps for Work)
  • + HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes) Databases
  • + estos MetaDirectory
  • + LDAP Data sources (OpenLDAP, NDS, public directory services)
  • + DATEV 

max. 2 data sources simultaneously

  • Text/CSV Importer
  • local Microsoft Exchange Server (On-Premises) via EWS (Exchange Web Services)
  • Microsoft 365 Office/Outlook (Cloud) viaMicrosoft Graph Replicator
  • Active Directory Replicator
  • Web-based Telephone directories
    • TVG Telefonbuch Webservice
    • Swisscom Directories Data

Connection of data sources
optional via MetaDirectory
see MetaDirectory 5 Enterprise specifications



*Limited function/connection. Note the system requirements

User management


Enterprise 7

Business 21H2

One R2
Connection to Active Directory


Adjustments for access possible


Access to the entire AD and write access required

Local user management(plus)(plus)(minus)

Further information

Comparison between ProCall DataCenter/Enterprise