ProCall Meetings 1.1.3 was released  as a maintenance release.

ProCall Meetings 1.1.3

New features
  • A new status page on ProCall meetings has been introduced:
    Maintenance windows, outages, software releases, changes to the infrastructure, etc. are communicated via this. There is a possibility to subscribe to changes and thus always react to current events.
  • The tooltip for names within a meeting (e.g. in the participant list) now displays more information about the participant.
  • In a PIN-protected meeting room, you can now also view and copy the PIN during the meeting using the "Share link to this meeting" function.
  • There were many minor improvements and many minor bugs within a meeting were fixed.
    For example, it is now possible to change the output device directly via the toolbar on the microphone button, if the browser allows it.
Bug fixes
  • HOTFIX  Resolved an issue where a TURN server was not provided and therefore there were media transfer issues in very restrictive environments.
  • HOTFIX  Resolved an issue where the uBlock adblocker blocked the cookie disclaimer dialog for certain filter lists, which prevented you from using ProCall Meetings.
  • Problems were fixed that e.g. participants were no longer automatically guided from the lobby to a meeting that had been started. Or that participants were distributed to the wrong servers and therefore (with the same meeting URL) joined meetings separately from other participants.
  • Meeting participants who are low on resources such as bandwidth or CPU power will no longer be removed directly from a meeting when a connection is lost and then reconnected, but will now remain in meetings longer.
    In general, there will be fewer connection drops within a meeting. However, please note the following if you experience further problems: I keep having connection difficulties during a meeting
  • Fixed problems with screen sharing. Screen sharing was often aborted or could not be established.
    Various improvements have been made to the stability of screen sharing in this context.

The IP addresses to the services have not changed: Hostnames and IP addresses of online services for firewall configuration.

Known problems and limitations

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