State of knowledge

April 2021

The functionality of an application like ProCall Meetings depends very much on a stable and working internet connection and free resources of the client system. In the rarest cases, the ProCall Meetings system causes the problems.

For this reason, any checks must be made on the client system.


System requirements

Check with your system administrator that the system requirements are met.


We are aware that in many companies, due to security policies, there are restrictive firewall settings that regulate client access to the internet. However, please note that the use of ProCall Meetings requires certain approvals:

Proxy or VPN

It is not recommended that the connection to the services takes place via a web proxy or via a VPN connection. This can lead to limitations in the accessibility of the services and the quality within meetings.

Please check with the system administrator if you are connecting to the internet via VPN or web proxy. You can also optionally use the following website  for testing if a web proxy is used for this purpose:

Client resources

The encoding/decoding of video streams requires a lot of CPU (rarely GPU) processing time. You can check the CPU load via the Windows Task Manager. If it is always fully loaded when using ProCall Meetings, this indicates a resource problem.

Because the browser does not have access to operating system statistics such as CPU utilization for security reasons, the ProCall Meetings platform cannot always determine and dynamically respond to objective measures for determining client resources.

Therefore please check the system requirements regarding CPU and internet bandwidth.

If you keep experiencing difficulties due to a lack of resources on the client, you can also join a meeting in Data-saving modes or enable this in the settings during a meeting. For other workarounds, see What can I do with low bandwidth or older CPU?

WebRTC Troubleshooter

The WebRTC Troubleshooter provides indications of whether the client is generally able to communicate with the ProCall Meetings platform.

Further action