January 2023

ProCall Meetings is an Add-On for ProCall Enterprise

UCServer versions

ProCall Enterprise

ProCall 7 Enterprise from version 7.1.4

ProCall 8 Enterprise from version 8.0


  • ProCall Meetings license
    allows authorized and licensed users to create and manage meeting rooms 
  • Licensing via UCConnect
  • Licensing is per user

Further notes on licensing

A ProCall Meetings license allows the user to create and manage meeting rooms.

Invite guests

  • Invited meeting participants (guests) do not require a license.


  • ProCall Enterprise installation connected to a UCConnect server account

Equipment for participants

PC, laptop, modern mobile phone, modern tablet, etc. with internet access and a web browser with access to

(depending on communication actions)

  • Camera (webcam/external/integrated)
  • Microphone or headset

There is no release of the software in the terminal server environment.

The hardware must be recognized and controllable by the browser used.

Supported web browsers

Web browsers with WebRTC support

For example, current versions of 

  • Google Chrome™ 
  • Mozilla Firefox® 
  • Apple Safari Mobile (iOS 14, iPad, macOS)
  • Microsoft® Edge

For example, the following are not supported

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on iOS
  • Old versions of Microsoft® Edge (without Chromium)

Technical requirements


Available hosts and ports:


Port number








ProCall Meetings services, such as the web front-end
20000-40000UDPout*.meetings.procall.deMedia in/out to the media server
443UDPout*.meetings.procall.deSTUN requests to determine the public IP address of the client
443UDP/TCP/TLSout*.meetings.procall.deMedia Relay via TURN
443TLSout*.ucconnect.deConnection of the UCServer to UCConnect and login of the client browser via UCConnect at the UCServer
A detailed list of hostnames and IP addresses of online services for firewall configuration can be found here.

For the clients, it is not recommended that the connection to the services takes place via a web proxy or via a VPN connection. This can lead to limitations in the accessibility of the services and quality within meetings.

Please check with the system administrator if you are connecting to the Internet using VPN or a web proxy. You can also optionally use the following websites for this purpose:

Maximum bandwidth video (blue star)

transmit: max. 2500 kB/sec
receive: (2-20 participants): maximum per participant 2500 kB/sec
Codec: VP8

Maximum bandwidth audio (blue star)

transmit: max. 50 kB/sec
receive: (2-20 participants): maximum per participant 50 kB/sec
Codec: Opus

Maximum bandwidth desktop sharing (blue star)

transmit: max. 2500 kB/sec
receive: max. 2500 kB/sec
Codec: VP8

(blue star) These specifications are maximum values determined under laboratory conditions. The actual values depend on factors such as currently available bandwidth, available CPU, additional screen sharing requirements, or other applications.

CPU/GPU requirements

For the best possible meeting experience, use a modern CPU/GPU that supports hardware acceleration in encoding/decoding of the VP8 video codec. Otherwise, the performance of the overall system can suffer due to software encoding/decoding.

The necessary technical information about the performance of your CPU/GPU can be found in the designated documentation.
A listing for Intel CPUs can also be found in Wikipedia:


Maximum meeting participants: 50

It is irrelevant whether a video is transmitted or only audio.

estos guidelines for the support of third-party products – interoperability information applies.