ProCall Meetings 1.0.5 was released for field testing on  as a maintenance release.

ProCall Meetings 1.0.5

  • Janus WebRTC Media Server has been updated from version 0.10.6 to 0.10.9:
  • The UCServer version of the connected UCServer is now visible in the client logs.
  • Automatic Gain Control was disabled because it caused problems with many devices.
  • When another participant splits their screen and you hover the cursor over the split-screen, the hover effect has been adjusted so that the area is no longer dimmed.
  • The login screen has been revised so that the user is better informed if he has forgotten to fill in a field.
  • If a room is deleted directly from the home area, then there is visual feedback for the user.
  • Various improvements were made to the dialog in the premeeting area.
  • The list of keyboard shortcuts has been revised.
  • The layout of the snack bar (hints and feedback) was revised (not yet final)
  • Many minor improvements in the process before a meeting have been implemented, as well as various bugs have been fixed in the course of this.
  • Improvements have been made to Texchat: Coloring, differentiation of contacts, notification.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the buttons to switch between Grid View or Conversation View were not visible when there were more than 6 participants in the Gallery View.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes you could not scroll left in the Gallery view (when another participant is sharing their screen).
  • Fixed an issue that in dark mode in some dropdown menus the selected items were not readable.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu (top right of the avatar) was not readable in dark mode in the premeeting area.
  • Fixed a sporadic bug where the camera was still active in the feedback area after a meeting.
  • When changing settings in the home area, such as the appearance, the settings menu is no longer exited directly and the changes can be saved.
  • Wrong simulcast statistics were displayed in debug mode.
  • Fixed an error that debug parameters were not saved.
  • The error 500 page was improved. A design bug was fixed that the error message was not aligned with the rest of the page.
  • Fixed a rare crash on the server caused by a client disconnect.

The IP addresses to the services have been updated: Hostnames and IP addresses of online services for firewall configuration.

Known problems and limitations

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