State of knowledge

July 2022

Unfortunately, we cannot make any statements about a date on which the topics mentioned here will be corrected or changed. However, we will highlight topics that are already in progress or indicate the version in which a correction or change has been made.

If the following known problems and limitations could lead to a high level of customer dissatisfaction or loss of reputation for one of your customers and no solution or agreement on further steps could be reached despite serious efforts, it is possible to change the status of the support ticket to "Escalation". By doing so, the attention of estos' management is focused on the case.

Permanent restrictions

ReferenceDescriptionAffected versionsStatus

The Microsoft Graph Replicator cannot replicate public folders. The Graph API does not provide any functionality for this  (

(lightbulb)Instead, use a shared mailbox to replicate central contact data via the Microsoft Graph Replicator.

>= 5.0.12



ReferenceDescriptionAffected versionsStatus

The replicator for Google Contacts no longer works. (Since 19 January 2022, the used Google Contacts API is no longer supported).

Solution since V 5.0.19: New Google replicator "Google People" with new authentication method is now available.



CDAS-245The replicator, Advanced settings, Delete field contents is executed without regard to the regular expression.>= 5.0.5


CDAS-268Swisscom ETV Directories interface adaptation at the turn of the year.5

RESOLVED >5.0.10

CDAS-286The e-mail button in the contact card view of the web interface is not functional (grey)5

RESOLVED >5.0.12

CDAS-292EIComContactReplicator.exe crashes, causing the following replicators to fail: for Exact Online, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft EWS, Salesforce5.0.9.10851

RESOLVED >5.0.10

CDAS-208With large data sets, there are scenarios where a search in the MetaDirectory with the same search string can produce different results.>= 4.0.14



Since the update to 5.0.9, replication from existing LDAP replicators fails if the login name is specified as Distinguished Name. Change the login name in the replicator or change the method to "Simple". >= 5.0.9

>= 5.0.9


CDAS-312It is possible to select "Microsoft Graph" as the replicator via MetaDirectory management from version 5.0.10. This leads to an error. The "Microsoft Graph" replicator will only be functionally available in MetaDirectory at a later date.>= 5.0.10


CDAS-338Some entries in the Swisscom ETV Directories cannot be found via a call number search.5 and 4


CDAS-345 Due to interface changes at Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics 365 cannot be connected at the moment.5 and 5


CDAS-383 TVG Webservice registration does not work – Unknown error 0x80072EE65