State of knowledge

January 2022


To organize an online meeting/video conference, log in as a ProCall user via the online platform

The login data is composed as follows:

  • Username: 
    The user name with which the user logs on to the ProCall client. Normally this is the same user name as for the domain logon.
  • Password:
    The usual password for the user name.
  • UCSID: 
    The UCConnect ID of the UCConnect account to which the UCServer is logged on. A stored alias can also be used.

The user credentials are the same as for a ProCall App login via UCConnect Mobility Services.

If you activate Stay logged in during login, then you remain signed in for one day..

Organizer and participants

Organizer: To organize an online meeting, you must have a ProCall account, a UCConnect ID, and ProCall Meeting permission to create meeting rooms.

Participant: Invited meeting participants do not need an account and can participate as guests without special access data. The requirements for participation are an internet connection, a suitable web browser, and for the communication actions audio/video, access to a camera and a microphone or headset.

Additional option for participants: Login as ProCall user and use presence information

If you invite participants who also have a ProCall account, they can optionally also register as ProCall users during the meeting. This registration is not necessary, but participation in a meeting via ProCall Meetings can be evaluated for registered ProCall users in order to change presence information, for example, to display the status "Busy", "In Meeting" and, with the appropriate profile settings, also to set "DoNotDisturb" call protection.

Your personal dashboard to organize your online meetings and video conferences

You can create and manage meeting rooms in your personal ProCall Meetings Dashboard. Invite participants (colleagues or external guests) to your online meeting and hold a video conference with multiple participants. In the meeting, you can also use the screen sharing option to share screen content such as presentations or tables with other participants. 


New meeting room; Create a room

With  you can create a new meeting room. 

  • Assign a name and an alias name for the meeting room.
    The name of the meeting room ideally describes the topic of the meeting e.g. "CustomerProjectMeier" or "PlanningKickOff2022".
  • In the description, you can add more detailed information (agenda, detailed description) about your meeting. 
    For example: "Definition of the system environment and necessary components" or "Procedure, agenda, participants, venue".
  • Assign color
    You can select a color for a meeting room so that if you have several meeting rooms, you can keep a better overview based on the different colors.
  • Optional: Assign PIN
    The assignment of a PIN for a meeting room is optional. You can assign a PIN that you only share with the desired participants to prevent "unauthorized persons" from joining the meeting.
  • The PIN may contain a combination of numbers between 0 and 9. You can choose to use an automatically generated PIN or define one yourself. 

My rooms

My rooms: Manage meeting rooms

Personal meeting room

Edit Meeting Rooms

With you can edit or delete an existing meeting room.

Meeting rooms that require the entry of a PIN are recognized

Set an appointment and invite participants

When you invite participants to a meeting or videoconference, you can start a meeting immediately or set an appointment that you share with the participants.

To invite participants to your meeting, you must provide them with the generated link to this meeting room.

  • With Copy invitation, you can copy the information about the meeting to the clipboard, then design your individual invitation and send it by e-mail or chat, for example. 
  • Create a calendar entry that allows you to download the meeting invitation as a .ics file and then easily manage your invitation via calendar in your groupware programs like Microsoft Outlook or others.
  • Via Join Meeting you can immediately enter the meeting room. 

How many participants?

In a meeting room, a maximum of 50 participants can take part in an online meeting.

When other participants try to enter the meeting room, they are informed that the meeting room is already full.

How long is a meeting room available?

A meeting room is active for 90 days and then becomes unavailable if it is not used during that time. 

Enter the meeting room

Before you join a meeting, you can:

  • Select and test the camera, microphone, and audio output device via device settings.
  • Define whether your camera and microphone should be turned on when entering the meeting room
  • Save device settings for this meeting room for later meetings. 
  • Set language

  • Activate data saving mode
  • Activate notifications when
    • a new participant enters the meeting room
    • a participant leaves the meeting
    • a new message arrives in the chat 
  • Under Settings you can change the appearance
    • Dark Mode
    • Bright Mode
    • Standard (meeting organization/home area in bright mode and meeting participation in dark mode) 

In a meeting

For the participation in the meeting and the possibilities during a meeting the Quick Start Guide:

I have been invited to a meeting with ProCall Meetings...


The availability of features depends, among other things, on device options and permissions granted, ProCall Meetings version and the UCServer version used.