State of knowledge

March 2024
ProCall 8 Enterprise from 8.4

Remote access and control via RDP

The "Remote Desktop Mode" can be activated for ProCall with softphone, e.g. in a terminal server environment.
Allows you to control remote access and control for ProCall clients and connected audio devices/headsets via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

This allows you to use the executing ProCall client to take remote control of the ProCall client installed locally at the workstation and a headset/audio device connected there.

Activate Remote Desktop Mode on the ProCall client

Activate/deactivate the Remote Desktop Mode in the ProCall client settings under General – Advanced. As a user, you can specify here whether your ProCall client should execute or allow remote control

Example screenshot: ProCall client for Windows – Settings – General – Advanced – Remote Desktop Mode

What functions are available?

In remote desktop mode, the telephony functions and AudioChat supported by softphone can be used in full. Screen sharing can only be started or accepted via the local ProCall Enterprise client.

VideoCalls are only possible on the local ProCall client. As long as the controlling ProCall client ("Execute remote control" operating mode) is active, VideoCalls are accepted as AudioCalls.


The local ProCall client can also be connected "VPN-less" in remote desktop mode.

Connect ProCall for Windows easily via UCConnect ("VPN-less")