State of knowledge

26 March 2024


The software is available as a preview version . There are still limitations in terms of functionality and quality. We are continuously working on further development.
The information provided here is still preliminary and is constantly being added to. 

ProCall App for Web (preview) - image shows Laptop with the app on the screen

Get to know the new ProCall App for Web now!

With the ProCall App for Web, you are no longer tied to a specific operating system - use ProCall directly in your browser or install the Progressive Web App (PWA) on your computer.

Forget the times when certain functions, such as the softphone, were not available in the ProCall macOS client. The ProCall App for Web supports many ProCall functions regardless of the operating system used and extends ProCall's multi-device strategy.

With its modern look and improved user experience, the ProCall App for Web has been specially developed for the communication of companies in the DACH market.

Using ProCall for remote working or in flexible alternating workstation environments has never been easier with the ProCall App for Web.

Updates to the application are carried out automatically without any additional effort by the administrator.

The ProCall App for Web also scores highly in terms of data protection and IT security: Hosted on web servers located within the European Union, it guarantees a high level of data protection and IT security.

Experience the freedom and flexibility offered by the ProCall App for Web now!


System requirements

>> System requirements

How do I set up the ProCall App for Web?

>> Notes on commissioning

ProCall App for Web (Preview)

The ProCall app for web is currently available as a preview version .


We look forward to receiving your feedback and other suggestions or ideas for improvement, which you can send to us directly from the ProCall app for web. Simply use the button in the ProCall app for Web:

ProCall App für Web (Preview) - give feedback via the red button in the app

If you encounter errors when using the ProCall App for Web or need assistance, we are here to help. Please let us know about any problems (if possible with detailed descriptions, screenshots, version numbers and log files) in the estos Support Portal with. Please enter the entry "ProCall App for Web (Preview)" in the "Product" field".

During the preview phase, the app is regularly updated in order to make continuous improvements based on user feedback.

Supported functions

Functions and use cases supported to date

  • The ProCall App for Web has not yet reached its final state and we are constantly making further improvements.

  • Compared to the client for Windows, the ProCall App for Web still offers a reduced range of functions.

>> Range of functions and limitations

Questions about use/FAQ

Here we have compiled some questions and answers about using the ProCall App for Web 
like for example: 

  • Can I use ProCall client for Windows and ProCall App for Web at the same time?
  • I do not receive any notifications for incoming calls. What can I do?
  • Configuring audio devices / setting the microphone and speakers
    I can't hear anything in softphone calls or audio/video chats. What can I do?
  • Determine version number and provide log files

>> FAQ

Further information

ProCall App for Web - Product information at