State of knowledge

26 March 2024


The software is available as a preview version. There are still limitations in terms of functionality and quality. We are continuously working on further development.
The information provided here is still preliminary and is constantly being added to. 

Installation instructions

Activate user in UCServer

To activate the ProCall App for Web for the users, go to the UCServer administration in the User administration area and grant the corresponding authorizations:

  • global for all users
  • for a user group
  • for individual users

Additive authorization system

Please note the additive authorization system of ProCall Enterprise: A right given to a user (e.g. via a group) cannot be revoked via the authorization at another location (e.g. user).

For a preliminary test in connection with estos ProCall Enterprise version 8.3 (at least version 8.3.3 required, see ProCall App for Web – system requirements), the granting of a specific authorization is not required. The functionality of using estos ProCall App for Web is therefore still available without the explicit granting of an authorization.

Example screenshot UCServer administration – User administration – Global settings – Activate/deactivate ProCall App for Web for all users

Example screenshot UCServer Administration – User administration – Users – Activate/deactivate ProCall App for Web for individual users

Setting up the ProCall App for Web

Please note that the appearance and the options for use/setup may vary depending on the browser variant used.

Call up in the browser

The ProCall App for Web can be accessed in the browser at the following URL

As an app on the system (PWA Progressive Web App)

Alternatively, the ProCall App for Web can also be installed as an app on the computer.

Described below using Google Chrome as an example

Open URL in browser – install

Open the URL in your browser:

Click on the "Install ProCall App for Web" icon in the top right-hand corner of the address bar.

Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app (PWA).

You will now find a new "ProCall App for Web" icon on your desktop.

You can start the app automatically. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Google Chrome: Enter chrome://apps/ in the browser line. Right-click on the ProCall App for Web to open a menu. Go to App settings. Select "Start app when logging in".
  • Microsoft Edge: Enter edge://apps/all in the browser line. Click on the details of the "ProCall App for Web". Check the box "Start automatically when device logs in"
  • Apple Safari: Right-click on the app icon in the dock, then Options → Open when logging in.

Log in to the ProCall App for Web with your ProCall user name, password and UCConnectID

Login data is currently only being made available to selected estos partners by e-mail in a preliminary test.

Authorization for microphone/camera/notifications

When you log in for the first time, you will be asked for permissions to use the camera, microphone and display notifications.
Grant the necessary permissions.

Check the settings of your audio devices in the ProCall App for Web:


Now you can get started and test the ProCall App for Web.

As the ProCall App for Web is continuously being developed, unannounced changes are possible.
Ongoing softphone calls or audio/video chats may be interrupted if you update the app during a call. 
Ongoing calls are also ended when the browser tab in which the ProCall app for Web is displayed is closed or reloaded.

Further information

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System requirements

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