This guide describes how to set up softphone functions (SIP) for ProCall Enterprise via "SIP trunk connection" (SIP system networking) for the Unify OpenScape 4000 telephone system and what you should bear in mind in the process.

State of knowledgeJuly 2023
ProCall Enterprisefrom V 8.0

Unify OpenScape 4000 
V10 R0.28

Softphone functions connectivitySIP Trunk connection

Configuration of PBX Unify OpenScape 4000

The PBX Unify OpenScape 4000 does not support Registration.

You have to enter the IP address of estos UCServer in trunk configuration.

SIP and RTP transport

For the connection between PBX and ProCall Enterprise Server shown here, only UDP connections are currently supported.

Start the OpenScape 4000 Assistant – Gateway Dashboard

The SIP trunk is set up in the HG 3500. The configuration interface can be started via the "OpenScape 4000 Assistant" – Expert mode – Gateway dashboard.

Sample Screenshot – Unify OpenScape 4000 Assistant – Gateway Dashboard – Remote Access

The configuration corresponds to the configuration for the connection of an XCAPI from TE-Systems.

The profile name must not contain spaces.

Specify IP address of the UCServer as proxy

In the SIP trunk, specify the IP address of the UCServer as the proxy.

Example screenshot: Unify OpenScape 4000 – SIP trunk profile – IP address/host name: Enter the IP address of the UCServer.

Setup on the UCServer

Add the telephone system via the selection "Add telephone system – SIP softphone via SIP trunk".

Example screenshot – UCServer Administration – Telephony – Lines – Add PBX – SIP softphone via SIP trunk

Set IP address and port

The IP address through which the UCServer is to communicate with the telephone system must be specified.

The "Use SIP GW Listener" function must be activated. Select the IP address to be used under "Network interfaces" using "Add" and define the port to be used.

Example UCServer Administration – Telephony – Lines – Add PBX – SIP softphone via SIP trunk – SIP GW Listener

Select the desired communication protocol.
By default, communication takes place via "UDP". If an encrypted connection is to be used, please note that a valid certificate must be stored on the UC server and the telephone system..

Accept the configuration and click "Next".

Enter the IP address of the HG3500 and select the configuration you have set up under "SIP GW Listener".

Example screenshot: UCServer configuration ProCall Enterprise - Add SIP Trunk - Registrar - SIP GW Listener

Configure SIP lines for softphones - Create lines for the extension range

In the next step, you can create the lines for the entire extension range .

Example screenshot: UCServer Configuration ProCall Enterprise – Add SIP trunk – Register Softphone – User name and password

Alternatively, you can enter the lines later in the line group.

Save and apply

After saving and applying the configruatio all lines are shown and activated in the line group.

Version note

Version note

Since estos has no influence on the further development of the supported telephone systems by the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the instructions described above will also be fully valid for future releases.

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