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June 2021. ProCall 7 Enterprise from 7.2x.

It is now possible to search for keywords via regular expressions in the text chat of the ProCall client for Windows and display them as a link. For example, you can display ABC-1234 as a link and link to the address,


Find and process Jira tickets.

"ConversationMessageWindowCustomLinkTitle0"="JIRA-Ticket <EXPMATCH3> öffnen"


  • The registry key must be added to the Windows client.
  • Basically, all identifiers are found that start with two letters (lower or upper case), followed by a "-" and at least one digit.
  • The server portion is optional.


If an expression of the form "ABC-1234" is used in the chat window, the tooltip "Jira ticket ABC-1234" is displayed for it and a link to "" is generated.

Of course, you can adapt the example to the conditions of your systems.

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