The challenge

During replication, contacts should be omitted or deleted according to certain rules. (Filter)

Solution via regular expressions 

  1. In the database wizard for the replicator, activate "Advanced settings":

  2. In the next dialog you have the possibility to specify a "regular expression" in the "Search" field via an "LDAP data field" as a criterion for the omission/deletion of the record, which will lead to the omission/deletion of the record if the regular expression applies:

This means "search" for an expression, replace it with an expression and alternatively, so if it doesn't apply "do nothing", "delete it" or "leave it out".

Example Regular expression - transfer data records 

Beispiel Screenshot Datenbank Wizard - LDAP-Datenfelder - Zugewiesene Felder - Regulärer Ausdruck

In diesem Beispiel werden nur Datensätze übernommen, bei denen das Feld Tel. Geschäftlich nicht leer ist.

An alternative solution for Microsoft CRM via FetchXML query

For Microsoft CRM, you can also use FetchXML query to filter out these contacts in advance.


Alternative solution via ODBC or any other SQL database

Database records can be selectively determined for replication and thus also excluded via an SQL query.