State of knowledge

May 2019

The ePhone.exe tool allows the verification of the installed TAPI Service Provider (in the following called TSP) on the functionality of the lines and displays all currently possible features of the TSP. With the help of ephone.exe you can record sessions and provide them for analysis if necessary. 

Please run the test on the computer on which the TSP of the telephone system or telephone is installed!


1. You can find the ePhone.exe for download at estos  

2. Please unpack the zip-file and open the ePhone.exe according to your operating system architecture.

3. Select the TAPI line you want to test at Device and press the button Start Session. The TAPI line is opened and the button now says End Session

Example screenshot ephone.exe Start Session 

4. Now perform the tests of the functions you want to analyze. This screenshot shows an outgoing call.

Example screenshot ephone.exe outgoing call 

Limit the causes of errors: TSP 

If one of the above steps is not possible, for example:

  • You do not see any TAPI lines
  • You cannot open the TAPI line, i.e. the button Start Session cannot be clicked
  • You get an error message in the footer of ePhone.exe like "Operation Unavailable", "Invalid Line State
  • The ePhone.exe does not react to "Make Call" at all

then the error is usually found at the TSP. Please contact the manufacturer of the TSP directly.