State of knowledge

December 2021

The estos download area can be reached here:

Productive operation or test period

The products here available for download can be used with an existing license for productive operation or for a 45-day test period and later be activated via license.

In individual subject areas, you can use a search filter to narrow down the search for products and, if necessary, select the appropriate language for the download:


Current versions 

You can find the current versions of our software in the "Categories" drop-down menu.

Archived versions 

If you need to download already discontinued versions, they can be found in the archive. To do this, you need to select the Archives option in the "Category" drop-down menu, which gives an overview of all archived products.

Downloads from the archive for products that have already reached the end of their product life cycle (End-of-Life or End-of-Support) are provided without any right to support (Technical Support).

Support tools

Here you can find helpful support and test tools such as ephone.exe or eSupport Remote Client.


The "Documents" area is no longer maintained. Only archived documents are still available here.

In the meantime, current technical information can be found at