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December 2022

Available from ProCall Enterprise 7.4


The ActiveX standard should be switched off company-wide. Now the ProCall call window in the Windows client may be affected.

Basic information:

The call window of the ProCall client for Windows can be extended by contents of a web page. With an update to ProCall 7 Enterprise 7.4, this extension of the call window based on Edge WebView2 (Chromium-based) can be optionally configured and therefore uses modern browser technologies. In older versions, the basis was always an integrated Internet Explorer window.

The custom tabs of the ProCall client for Windows now support the Chromium-based WebView2. This means that custom tabs are optionally no longer displayed via an embedded Internet Explorer, but with the new Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium).


Please refer to the MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS MICROSOFT EDGE WEBVIEW2 RUNTIME before downloading the runtime environment.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime is not automatically shipped with ProCall client for Windows, but must be installed separately.

Check WebView2 runtime

Expert view in ProCall client

You can check whether the WebView2 Runtime is installed in the expert view on the ProCall Windows client via the three dots with "About ProCall":

Example screenshot: ProCall Enterprise client – Expert view – Microsoft Edge – WebView2 runtime

About client log

In addition, you can track whether WebView2 is available via the log of the ProCall client for Windows.

This can be done by searching the client log:                                    

ECtiMainSettings::LoadRegSettingsActiveXTabs;Is WebView2 available: no
ECtiMainSettings::LoadRegSettingsActiveXTabs;Is WebView2 available: yes

Required settings:

Extension of the call window

In the profile settings on the UCServer admin, the "Extension of the call window with Microsoft Edge" can be activated in the "Settings" tab in the category: Telephony.

The desired URL is then entered there:

Example screenshot: UCServer Administration – Profile - Settings - Category: Telephony – Call window extension with Microsoft Edge – Activation and URL

Custom Tabs

Custom tabs can be defined in the profile settings on the UCServer admin.

To display this using WebView2, you only need to check the "WebView" box.

Example screenshot: UCServer administration – Profile – Custom Tabs – Enter URL – Activate WebView2

If the runtime environment is not installed on the Windows client, but WebView has been enabled in the profiles, there is a fallback to the conventional Internet Explorer integration.

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