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ProCall Meetings 1.4.1 was released on  as a service release.

ProCall Meetings 1.4.1

New Features
  • The user can configure that the meeting room should be locked by default while creating/editing a room.

  • The user can click on the toast message and go directly to the page if the sent chat message contains a hyperlink.
  • Improved logic and animation for placing active speakers in the Conversation view and Focus view.
  • Improvement in wording for moderator behavior.
  • Improvement of page loading animation.
  • Improved readability of the pin/mute icon in the video tiles.
  • The user can click somewhere other than the 3-dot menu on the cell phone to close the menu instead of clicking the menu again.
  • Improved diagnostic tools for troubleshooting.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a video missing issue in the pre-meeting page when the user previously joined the meeting room with a virtual background.
  • Fixed an issue that the moderator did not always appear in the second position on the top bar.
  • Fixed an issue that the room URL had not updated after being edited.
  • Fixed an issue that the participant who had the camera on in the meeting room was not visible to the other participants. 

The IP addresses to services have not changed: Hostnames and IP addresses of online services for firewall configuration

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