ProCall Meetings 1.2.0 was released on  as a maintenance release.

ProCall Meetings 1.2.0

New Features
  • The Help Center is now visible on all pages.
  • The meeting URL can now contain hyphens "-" in addition to numbers and letters.
  • TURN servers support IPv6.
  • People who attended a meeting as guests are given the option for a 30-day free demo license of ProCall Meetings after the meeting. (Offer limited in time and in German version only)

  • The upcoming or planned maintenance notification in the Help Center now offers a direct link to the corresponding status page.
  • A full-screen view is now available on Android mobile devices while a presenter is screen sharing.
  • The user is now given the opportunity to send us his feedback after the meeting ends.
  • An enhanced dashboard with a clear arrangement of Favorites, My rooms, and Other rooms.
    A new dashboard is available, where the general rooms and the frequently visited rooms of other users can be presented and saved as their own favorites. (Mark a room as favorites by clicking on (star).)
    The personal meeting room has been given its own area on the dashboard and therefore no longer appears in the room list.

  • The tooltips no longer disappear so quickly and are now presented for a longer period of time.

  • In conversation view, a tooltip is now also available in the participant's nameplate.

  • On mobile devices, the numeric keypad is now presented by default to enter a PIN.

  • The login page is now more readable.

  • When another participant is screen-sharing, the own video image is now always available.

  • An animation in the dashboard now indicates a loading process that is still in progress.

  • The responsiveness on different screen sizes has been improved.

  • Several improvements have been made in the area of signaling for audio and video streams.
  • Instead of a black tile, the user's avatar is now shown when he/she joins a meeting on the iPhone and switches this meeting to the background afterwards.

Bug Fixes
  • While screen-sharing, the displayed content is now no longer cut off in certain browser sizes but is fully visible.

  • Fixed a bug that when using an Android mobile device in portrait view, the transmitted video stream was not fully visible.

  • Fixed a bug where the configuration change for beeps on entering or leaving a room was not saved for logged-in users.

  • Fixed a security vulnerability that allowed deleting meeting rooms of other users.

  • Fixed a bug that when joining a meeting on mobile devices, the microphone and camera settings were not set correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that in some certain environments the firewall settings prevented video and audio transmission.

The IP addresses to services have not changed: Hostnames and IP addresses of online services for firewall configuration

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