ProCall Meetings 1.0.4 was released for field testing on  as a maintenance release.

ProCall Meetings 1.0.4

  • The connection status has been improved and displays more information when clicked on:


    • Bandwidth (Upload)
    • Packets (lost)
    • Resolution and frames per second


    • Bandwidth (Download)
    • Packets
  • In a meeting, the connection status at the bottom right was revised.
  • In the infobox, the copyright year has been adjusted.
  • The texts and colors in the appearance of the settings have been changed.
  • In a meeting, the button for the conversation and grid view has now received a tooltip.

  • The colors in the Bottom Bar have been updated for bright and dark modes.
  • The operation of a meeting with the keyboard has been improved.
  • Input fields, buttons, video streams, dialogs, buttons for switching boxes have a uniform design (general corner radius of 5px).
  • After a meeting, a logged-in user can now provide feedback.
  • Redundancy was installed due to a DNS failure.
  • In the Home area, the order of the meeting rooms has been adjusted:

    • The personal meeting room always first.
    • The last room used is in 2nd place.
    • etc.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the camera was requested too often when joining a meeting.
  • Fixed an error in dark mode with the incorrect display when creating a room.
  • Fixed a problem with the display when a participant is muted.
  • Fixed a bug that the tile size in a meeting was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that when the chat window was open, the bottom right menu would open in the background.
  • Fixed an issue wherein some dialogs the text and the close button overlapped.
  • Wrong simulcast statistics were displayed in debug mode.
  • In bright and dark mode the color of scrollbars was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed bugs in the design of the dark, light, default mode in chat.
  • Fixed a bug with the "Share Link" button being cut off.
  • Fixed a bug that in the Home Area links in the "My Rooms" were not wrapping.
  • Fixed a problem with the debug dialog in dark mode.
  • Fixed an error that debug parameters were not saved.
  • Fixed issues with device detection in the pre-meeting area when joining a meeting too quickly.
  • Several minor bugs were fixed within one meeting.
  • Fixed a bug where a meeting could be attended before all A/V devices were requested.
  • Fixed token decoding errors when a UCServer update was performed.

The IP addresses to the services have been updated: Hostnames and IP addresses of online services for firewall configuration.

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