State of knowledge

January 2023


Supported CSTA Features (associative events are supported correspondingly):

CSTA featureDescriptionYealink SIP-T46GSnom D385 IP Desktop
MakeCallMakes phone callsyesyes
AnswerCallAnswer callyesyes
ClearConnectionTerminate phone callyesyes
HoldCallHold callyesyes
RetrieveCallRetrieve phone call on holdyesyes
AlternateCallSwitch between the active phone call and the call on hold(no, emulated via HoldCall + RetrieveCall)(no, emulated via HoldCall + RetrieveCall)
ConferenceCallCombine the active phone call with the call on hold to create a conference callyesyes
TransferCallConnects the active phone call and the call on holdyesyes
GenerateDigitsDials DTMF tonesyesyes
DialDigitsDials the digital tones for a phone callnot supportedyes
ConsultationCallInitiates a callback callyesyes
SingleStepTransferCallTransfers an active call blindlyyesyes
DeflectCallRedirects callsyesyes
DirectedPickupCallPicks up a call from another participantnot supportednot supported
GetDoNotDisturbChecks the 'Do Not Disturb' indicatoryesyes
SetDoNotDisturbSets the 'Do Not Disturb' indicatoryesyes
GetForwardingChecks for forwarded phone numbersnot supportednot supported
SetForwardingSets up call forwardingnot supportednot supported
MonitorStartStarts monitoring the telephoneyesyes
MonitorStopStops monitoring the telephoneyesyes
GetSwitchingFunctionDevicesChecks the configured identitiesyesyes
SnapShotDeviceConsistency check of a deviceyesyes
SnapShotCallConsistency check of a callnot supportednot supported
SystemRegisterSubscribes to notifications of configuration changesnot supportedyes
SystemRegisterCancelUnsubscribes from notifications for configuration changesnot supportedyes
RequestSystemStatusChecks the telephone statusyesyes

estos guidelines for the support of third-party products – interoperability information applies.