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September 2023

Requirement: ProCall 7 Enterprise Version 7.7.0, ProCall 8 Enterprise Version 8.1

Please note that ProCall Voice Services are an add-on to ProCall Enterprise. Corresponding knowledge and authorizations for setting up ProCall are assumed here.  
This guide is intended for estos partners.

In order to activate and use ProCall Voice Services, we recommend the following sequence so that you, as an estos partner, can check the necessary system requirements and plan and implement required steps for a test phase or productive deployment at your customer/end-user company

What are ProCall Voice Services?

ProCall Voice Services are an add on to ProCall Enterprise and consist of two components that are activated one after the other in UCConnect:

  • The cloud PBX
  • The STARFACE Connect SIP trunk

More info about the product can be found at:

Overview of ProCall Voice Services

ProCall Voice Services product range

Legal/service description: terms (Language: German)

FAQs for Partner under 

Test phase 

Before you/your customer decides to use ProCall Voice Services, you have the opportunity to test both the cloud PBX and the SIP trunk.

A cloud PBX newly set up for ProCall Voice Services can be used for tests for 45 days. In addition, STARFACE Connect provides 500 free minutes for calls to the German fixed network and mobile network, which can be used within 30 days. For this a location-independent telephone number (0322-) with 10 extensions is available for the start. If no bank details are provided by the end user, the SIP Trunk trial ends automatically when the free minutes are used up or the 30 days expire. If the bank details are specified, chargeable calls can also be used and the test configuration can be transferred to a live environment.


Video tutorial – commissioning of ProCall Voice Services

ProCall Voice Services – commissioning

Language: German 
Duration: approx. 11 minutes

  • Requirement: UCServer already installed
  • How to commission the cloud PBX via the UCServer administrator
  • Procedure
  • Licensing in the UCConnect portal – create account and login – manage licenses
  • In the UCServer administration – Voice Services – Lines – Locations – Users – Group configuration (hunt group) – Time switching – IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Steps 1 and 2 can be prepared well before the activation key is available. This will be sent to you after registration.

1 Step: ProCall Enterprise is installed in test or in productive mode


2 Step: Activate or check the end customer account in UCConnect. 

Check the contact person and the e-mail address in the end customer account and enter a new one if necessary. For more nformation see Activate ProCall Voice Services in the UCConnect portal 

It is necessary for further activation that the contact person in the end-user company verifies his e-mail address and completes the following data:
Example screenshot: Activate ProCall Voice Services in UCConnect: Activate end customer account – verify e-mail address

E-mail notification

Here, the end-user company can also choose whether it wants to be informed about expiring licenses.

3 Step: Start up the cloud PBX in UCConnect

  • After importing the activation key for ProCall Voice Services, the cloud PBX is "booted up".
  • If necessary, wait a few minutes until the PBX is displayed as "in operation" in UCConnect.

4 Step: Configure the SIP trunk in UCConnect

  • In UCConnect, you can now configure the SIP trunk.
    By clicking on the appropriate button, the corresponding data is transferred to STARFACE.
  • The SIP trunk is activated
    It may take 1 to 2 days until the corresponding access data with the authorization to log in to STARFACE Control Center is delivered to your customer/end user company. 

5 Step: Administrate ProCall Voice Services in the UCServer as soon as the phone number is visible in the UCServer


ProCall Voice Services is now ready.

More info about the test

Overview in UCConnect

You as the supporting estos partner can see the remaining term of the PBX test in UCConnect. With a productive license, the end-user company has an unlimited runtime.

Status information

During the test phase, the end-user company receives regular status information on the status of the free minutes and the remaining duration of the test by e-mail. The partner also receives information about this, if he wishes and activates it in UCConnect. 

Transfer from test operation to real operation

Local number/port

If the end-user company changes from test to real operation, it can request a new local number or the porting of its phone number from STARFACE in the customer portal at .

The porting request can be submitted via this form or via the customer portal Control Center at

Please make sure that the contract and company data are spelled correctly, otherwise the porting may be rejected by the provider.
The porting is best created in the STARFACE Control Center, but for regulatory reasons it is necessary that the document is printed out and provided with company stamp and signature before it is sent to STARFACE via e-mail or fax to the data given on the form. 

For the adoption of the current configuration of the Cloud PBX Voice Services, the official order during the test phase with the planned user numbers towards estos is sufficient


The cloud PBX is billed monthly according to the current user numbers and the STARFACE Connect SIP trunk is billed according to used call minutes in the start setting.

Contract period/termination

There is no minimum contract period, the service can be cancelled monthly at the end of the following month. Except for the minimum number of 5 users, the number of users can be reduced or extended at any time.

Flat rates/tariff calculator

If flat rates or minute packages are desired, they can easily be activated via the customer account in the STARFACE Control Center.

A tariff calculator for optimal selection of the right flat rate package is available at

Options in the STARFACE Control Center

In principle, the STARFACE Control Center is available for your customer/end user company.
If your customer wants you as the supporting estos partner to make changes in the STARFACE Control Center or to manage phone numbers for your end user, the customer must actively provide you with the access data for this.

In the STARFACE Control Center, authorized users can, among other things:

    • Request desired phone numbers
    • Request number porting
      Until the final numbers (new or ported) are available, location-independent numbers from the 0322 number range will be made available. 
    • Book Fair or Full Flat rate Price list
    • View itemized bill 
    • Vary the number of outgoing channels