State of knowledge

March 2023

Field test. The information given here is still preliminary and is constantly being updated. 

Requirement: ProCall 7 Enterprise version 7.6.2, ProCall 8 Enterprise version 8.0.3

Note on the field test

This is not software suitable for production use. Please use only for test environments.

Please refer to the current product range..

System requirements must be met before ProCall Voice Services can be put into operation

ProCall Voice Services are an add-on to ProCall Enterprise. 

Licensing and activation

Licensing and activation is performed in the estos UCConnect Portal.


the menu for setting up voice services is displayed after a menu change or restart of the UCServer administrator, if the following requirements are met:

  • The UCServer has been connected to the UCConnect account.
  • The license for Voice Services has been imported.
  • The telephone system is displayed as "started" in UCConnect.
  • The SIP trunk has been assigned and configured.

It is obligatory to activate the SIP trunk of STARFACE. Without specifying billing data, the dialed numbers can be used for 30 days.

Porting of existing numbers is possible free of charge.

ProCall Voice Services support 2-digit phone number ranges. Extensions 1 - 9 cannot be assigned to any user. A central dial-in number, if available, can be assigned to the IVR and/or a group.

Setup in UCServer Administrator

When the prerequisites mentioned above are met, a new menu item appears in the UCServer Administrator: "Voice Services".

As soon as the SIP trunk with the phone numbers has been entered in the telephone system and is available, it is displayed in the "Initial setup" menu item.

Until the final number is available, 10 test numbers are available in the +49 3222 range.

Example screenshot: UCServer Administration – Voice Services – Initial setup – Configure phone system

Use the "Set up system" button to start the process for setting up the telephone system and estos ProCall for your users.

The following actions are performed:

  • Location in the UCServer is created
  • SIP lines in the UCServer are created
  • Users who have a phone number in the selected range are assigned a softphone line

This process can take 1-3 minutes, depending on the number of phone numbers.

Once the process is completed, the users with assigned line can immediately use ProCall with softphone.

Set up users and assign phone numbers

Activate the user for ProCall and estos Voice Services.

Voice messages left by callers are sent to the e-mail address stored with the user.
Make sure that a valid e-mail address is entered for the user. Otherwise, the user will not receive any information that there is a new voicemail. 

Example screenshot: Settings for users – General user settings – Enable users for ProCall Voice Services.

Assign the user a phone number from the "Voice Services" number range.

Example screenshot: Settings for users – Phone numbers – User's phone numbers – Select line...

After saving and applying the settings, the user can immediately use ProCall with softphone.

Set up groups – Collective group/call group – Activate answering machine

You can activate the groups displayed in the UCServer as "Collection group" or also "Call group".

Open or create a group and activate it as a "collection group".

Example screenshot: Settings for group – Collection group

The "Voice Services" tab is displayed.

Select the phone number where the group should be available.

You can also give the group an externally dialable call number with a 1-digit extension. This call number must be typed in.

Example screenshot: Voice Services – General group settings – Group call number 

You can optionally store an announcement for the answering machine function (voice mailbox), which is played outside the specified times when a call is received.

You can add the individual entries and set the days and times via "Add".

Specify the announcement as a .wav file.

After saving and applying the configuration, all group members for whom ProCall Voice Services are activated can log in and out of this group in the ProCall client for Windows.

IVR setup – Phone number – Key assignment – Voice menu – Announcements

The ProCall Voice Services include a single-level interactive voice menu for IVR - Interactive Voice Response.
The caller can be connected directly to the desired subscriber via the telephone keys.

To set it up, open the "Interactive Voice Menu (IVR)" menu item in the UCServer Administrator.

Select a phone number under which the IVR should be reachable.

Specify the destinations for the 0-9 keys.

Example screenshot: UCServer administration – Voice Services – Interactive voice menu – Set up IVR

  • Internal destination numbers must be entered as extension numbers.
  • External phone numbers must be specified in international format.

Specify an announcement file as a .wav file containing the greeting announcement and the individual selection items.

You can also optionally store announcements here for specified times when the voice menu is inactive.

Properties for .wav files

.wav files

should have the following properties for being used in groups and for IVR: 

  • Mono
  • 8kHz
  • 16 Bit
  • PCM

Further information

Activate ProCall Voice Services – guide – best practice for estos partners