In the ProCall main window at the top of the My presence area, you can manage your presence information.


Video on presence management with ProCall 7 Enterprise

Presence management – show and see if someone is available/accessible

The presence status can be set manually or is created according to defined rules and based on services, e.g. calendar entries, telephony service. The presence status is automatically determined from this. 

You can create so-called presence profiles for the display of the presence.

Set absence note

With the absence note, you can provide authorized users with detailed information about your presence status


  • Private appointment probably until 10.30 am
  • Sales meeting 
  • Afk: Away from keyboard

The basis for your presence display is always – depending on the system environment, authorizations and administrative configuration – e.g. entries in your calendar, current communication actions, presences you have activated, "do not disturb" settings. 


The setting options for displaying presence may be predefined or restricted by administration and cannot be changed by individual users.