State of knowledge

May 2024

No call recording for audio/video chat or softphone in ProCall

Call recording between ProCall subscribers, which are not conducted via the PBX, is not supported in ProCall Enterprise.

Softphone calls, which are made via the telephone system, cannot be recorded via the call recording for telephone systems with a CAPI driver,

Call recording (TAPI) for telephone systems with a CAPI driver

Call recording in ProCall works for calls that are made via a telephone system (TAPI) for which there is a CAPI driver available. Here, for example, the XCAPI ( from TE-Systems can be used. This interaction is to be clarified in the following.

Installation notes

The following framework conditions must be created in order to use the integrated call recording in ProCall Enterprise:

Basic requirements in the system environment

  • The UCServer computer must have an ISDN card with either a 32-bit ISDN driver (capi2032.dll) for 32-bit systems or a 64-bit ISDN driver (capi2064.dll) for 64-bit systems.

  • In virtualized environments, a virtual CAPI can also be used, but the reliability of the feature depends heavily on the stability of the virtual CAPI.

  • The ISDN card must be connected to an S0 bus in the telephone system and configured as an ISDN extension.

  • The telephone system must be technically capable of controlling a three-party conference of the extensions involved via TAPI.

  • If necessary, use the ePhone.exe tool to ensure this, see using the Tapi Test Tools (ePhone.exe)

Settings in the UCServer administration

  • Services -> Call recording:
    • Activate call recording.
    • Using the following MSN: the extension(es) to be monitored (several separated by semicolons).
    • The maximum number of simultaneous connections, depending on the ISDN controller.
    • Location for phone number formatting so that the notifications can be formatted correctly.
    • Compression of the recording to MP3 format, otherwise WAV is used.
    • Answer all calls (ignore MSN), optional.
  • Services -> Mail – Dispatch:
    • The mail dispatch must be set up functionally so that the UCServer can send the recordings.
  • User management -> Users:
    • Enter a valid e-mail address in the 'General' tab so that the UCServer knows where the recordings should be sent to.
    • In the 'Services' tab, activate the Call recording service so that the feature is offered on the client in the call window.

Legal aspects

Please note that there are legal restrictions for recording calls without the consent of the other party.