This article explains the causes of the error message "The telephone call could not be placed" and the possible solutions.

Possible reasons

Extension busy or not available

The extension is in a state that prevents outgoing calls.

The user was not assigned a line

The user was not assigned a CTI line in the UCServer under lines.

Please check the setting in the UCServer administration under User Administration -> Users -> Settings -> Phone Numbers, if a line has been assigned to the user.

Incorrect phone number format 

 The correct phone number format was not selected in the UCServer location settings, for example, the advanced settings 'Always international supercanonical/E.164l' are incorrectly set.

Problem with TAPI management or support by TSP

There is a problem with the TAPI line or you try to execute an action (e.g. send a call) which is not supported by your TAPI driver.

Please perform the same action (e.g. make call = MAKE CALL) via our TAPI test tool ePhone.exe on your extension and check whether the situation changes if ProCall is left out.

Detailed instructions on how to perform this test can be found here:

Use of the TAPI Test Tool (ePhone.exe) for checking TAPI lines of the TSP

If the test (e.g. MAKE CALL) also fails (you can't place the call and get e.g. in the ePhone.exe the error message lineDropOperationFailure), please contact the manufacturer of your TAPI driver.

If you are using estos ECSTA, please check the configuration and the licenses.