State of knowledge

January 2022

How can the mechanism for notification of missed calls in ProCall Enterprise be checked and corrected if necessary?

The preparation of the e-mail notification is carried out completely in the UCServer, only the dispatch is carried out either via the UCServer or ProCall Client. To detect errors in the process and/or configuration, please proceed as follows:

Check client settings for incoming calls

  • Are the client settings for incoming calls correct (Settings -> Telephony -> Incoming calls)?
    • Is email notification enabled in the client settings?
    • Is a valid e-mail address set?
    • Is it technically possible to send an e-mail on the client (Standard mail client/MAPI)?

Check UCServer user account settings

  • Are the settings in the UCServer user account correct (User management -> Users -> Properties...)?
    • Is a valid e-mail address entered in the 'E-Mail Address' field of the 'General' tab?
    • Is the item 'Deliver calls as e-mail in your absence' activated in the 'Services' tab?

Check UCServer mail services

  • Are the settings in the UCServer mail service (Services -> Mail dispatch) set correctly (only for mail delivery via UCServer)?
    • Check the settings for the SMTP server and the server login and use 'Check...' to test that the transmission is error-free.

Check UCServer notification service

  • Are the settings in the UCServer notification service set correctly (Services -> Notification)?
    • Check the Exceptions set, which can cause expected e-mails not to be delivered.
    • Check which recipient is entered, especially in connection with group circuits.
    • If the correct sending method is set, 'Send e-mails client-side' is enabled or disabled.


In the UCServer event log, the processing of e-mail notifications can be followed very well and provides information about reasons that may prevent an e-mail from being sent.

Identify problems with the journal

Often it is journal problems that prevent e-mail notifications from being sent. Please also check the following article: "ProCall Journal is no longer written".

Is a missed call even written in the journal?

In special environments, no e-mail is sent even if the verification in Send Mail was successful.

The following article deals with the problem: Missed call notifications – Out of office e-mails.

If you have problems sending these e-mails, check the above settings.