If a call does not arrive directly to the user but via forwarding, an incorrect phone number (e.g. that of the forwarding party instead of the original caller) may be displayed.

Possible reason

  • Incorrect signaling by the TC system/PBX.
  • In the UCServer administration it was configured that the Connected-ID should be ignored..

Checking possible causes

  • Examine the call number signaling with the TAPI-Test-Tool Ephone
  • In the UCServer administration under "Location – Properties" first display the Advanced Settings, then under "Formatting" uncheck "Ignore Connected ID".

Example screenshot UCServer Administration – Location Settings – Ignore Connected ID


Taken from the ECSTA for Avaya IPOffice: Since the phone number information signaled by Avaya IP Office regarding the forwarding subscriber or forwarding destination are inconsistent, the Redirecting and Redirection DeviceID are not provided by the driver.

Source: ECSTA 6 / ECSTA for Avaya IP Office / ECSTA for Avaya IP Office / Unterstützte TAPI Funktionen