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May 2023

Save configuration data/"backup"/data export

In the course of a migration/update or upgrade, the question of a "data backup"/"backup" of the configuration or a data export inevitably arises.

A data export can be executed via the UCServer admin.

The result of a data export are XML files that are stored locally on this computer.

Which data must be exported depends on whether, for example, local database or local user administration or user administration via Active Directory is used.

Procedure for data export in UCServer administration

A data export can be performed at any time.

Export settings

To perform a data export, you must select the "Data export" item under "File" in the UCServer administration. This will give you the selection options for exporting the configuration settings.

Example screenshot: UCServer administration – File – Data export – Export settings

  • Configuration data: All configured settings in UCServer admin such as configured locations, unanswered call settings, global settings, etc.
  • Databases: If a local SQLite database is used, all required files are backed up. If an SQL server is used, the connection data is backed up to it. The database itself is not backed up, since it is located on the SQL server.
  • Users: When using local user management, all created users are backed up.
  • Groups: The same description applies here as for the users
  • Computer: The same description applies here as for the users
  • Export inactive users, groups, computers

If a local user administration is used, it is mandatory to select and export the settings for users, groups and computers. Otherwise these settings will be lost!

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