Last updatedJune 2024
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Since the chat app in the ProCall client main window is based on web technologies, not all operations are logged in ProCall client debug logs (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\estos\ProCall 8\logs).

For certain observations, such as "There is no connection to the server...", outputs from the web development tools (DevTools) integrated in the browser used are therefore also necessary, which must also be made available for an error analysis:

Example screenshot: Error creating session – There is no connection to the server

Example screenshot: Trying to re-establish the connection...


Ensure that ProCall client logging is set to DEBUG.

Generating a debug log for the ProCall client

If logging is not set to DEBUG level, change it and then restart ProCall client.

Examine element

Right-click the page you want to examine and select "Examine element".

Example screenshot: In the browser right mouse button – Examine

Switch to console, activate all levels

Switch to "Console" and activate all levels:

Example screenshot: DevTools – Console

Save log files

Save the log by right-clicking on the page and selecting "Save as".

Example screenshot: DevTools – Console – Save as...

To exclude a local error, you can save the directory: %localappdata%\estos\procall 8\EBWebView after ProCall client is terminated.

To do this, cut the files in the "EBWebView" folder and place them temporarily elsewhere.

The subsequent start of the ProCall client will rebuild the content.

In case of an error, deleting the website data, including third-party cookies, can help as a last resort.

To do this, navigate to the "Application" tab in DevTools:

Example screenshot: DevTools Memory Delete website data including third-party cookies.

Chat in ProCall 8 Enterprise

Set/restore/deactivate chat variant

Is there a possibility to disable the TextChat function for users?

Chat is not available in ProCall Client