State of knowledge

October 2023


The softphone lines cannot be registered after a UCServer update to version 8.3.

ProCall client: Line is offline

In estos ProCall Enterprise client for Windows, the SIP softphone line is marked as out of service (black exclamation mark, overfly info line is offline):

Example screenshot: ProCall Enterprise client: Softphone – line is offline

UCServer: Web Service/Audio Relay Service is currently not available

In the estos UCServer administration under Telephony – Lines, the status of all activated SIP softphone lines remains "yellow", the Overfly Info shows "Line: Web Service/Audio Relay Service: The service is currently not available.":

Example screenshot: UCServer Administrator – Telephony – Lines – Service not available

Telephony - Lines - Line Groups - Line Status

UCServer: External server – https://localhost:7225 is inactive

In the estos UCServer administration under Services – External servers, https://localhost:7225 shows the status "The format of the received message was unexpected or incorrect."

Example screenshot: UCServer Administration – Services – External servers – Status – Errors

UCServer: Network interfaces – UC Media Server, UC Web Server HTTP, UC Web Server HTTPS are not initialized

Example screenshot – Network interfaces – Status gray

Possible reason

Incompatible/obsolete certificate

The certificate installed in the UC Web Server HTTPS is outdated/not compatible with the new UC Web Server.


New certificate

UCServer self-signed certificate

The UCServer service is terminated and restarted.

  • Delete the file C:\Program Files\estos\UCServer\config\ucserverselfsigned.pfx.  (Create a backup beforehand.)
  • Start the UCServer setup (C:\Program Files\estos\UCServer\SrvInst.exe) and run it. A new SelfSigned certificate is created.
  • Select the new certificate that was created under C:\Program Files\estos\UCServer\config\ucserverselfsigned.pfx in the UCServer administration under Network interfaces at "UC Web Service HTTPS".

Your own certificate

  • Have a new certificate created by the certification authority
  • Select the new certificate in the UCServer administration under network interfaces at "UC Web Service HTTPS".

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