State of knowledge

July 2021


When using Softphone with ProCall for Windows, no tones are heard. For example, no dial tone or busy signal is heard from the user during an outgoing phone call, or no ringtone is played during incoming phone calls to the ProCall Enterprise softphone.


Check that the signal tones are activated. To do this, go to the configuration in the client settings under General → Behavior.

Example screenshot: Client Settings – General – Behavior – Play signal tones

Many client settings can also be specified administratively via profiles in the UCServer or via group policy templates.

Check that a sound is assigned to the corresponding program event:

Start the Sound Control Panel (mmsys.cpl) and control the playback of the program events under ProCall.

  • You will find the ringing tone in the program events under "ProCall/Ringing".
  • You will find the busy tone in the program events under "ProCall/Busy".
Example screenshot: Sound settings for ProCall  

The audio files can be found in the installation directory of the ProCall Client for Windows and here in the subdirectory "Sounds" (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\estos\ProCall\sounds).