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November 2019

This article explains which errors can occur when setting call forwarding and how you can analyze and fix them.


Testing via the terminal device

The first test in such a case is to set call forwarding on the telephone device itself. If this does not work here, there is a problem with the telephone system.

Is this call forwarding even signaled in the ProCall Client?

Test via ephone.exe

Next, check if it is possible to set an RUL/Forward with ephone.exe. If it is not possible to set an RUL/Forward or if it does not exist, the problem is with the telephone system or the TAPI driver. In this case, contact the manufacturer. If you are using an ECSTA driver, please refer to the documentation of the driver to see if there are any abnormalities regarding call forwarding (see e.g. the documentation on ECSTA for Alcatel-Lucent).

If the setting of RUL on the device and via ephone.exe works, then the problem is to be found in ProCall.

Check lines on the UCServer

Check in the UCServer administration under Lines that the line is not marked as private.

Check the assignment of lines

The next source of error is that the user may not be the owner of the line. Please check if the line is really only assigned once to a user/computer.

Multiple line assignment is not supported. For security reasons, reassign the line to the user.

Check missing authorizations

Also, check if the user has the rights to set call forwarding to a specific line (User Management -> Additional Lines).

Notes can also be found in the debug logs for UCServer or in the debug logs for ProCall clients (search for CtiSetForward).

Further information

Find further information in the overview Configure call forwarding with ProCall Enterprise.