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March 2024

From 2024, end-user companies will also be able to contact estos technical support directly with concerns about estos products. This will not only relieve the burden on our partners but also speed up the processing of inquiries about our products. End-user companies will receive direct answers to technical concerns from the manufacturer.

Sample image for eCC estos Customer Care - Direct access for end-user companies to the manufacturer's support - The picture shows two women in conversation and a signed contract

Costs and duration

estos Customer Care is calculated from all product licenses used by the end-user company for in Service description "estos Customer Care" named products. Based on the currently valid net list price, 12% will be charged annually.

There will be an automatic extension for a further 12 months if this is not terminated with a notice period of 6 (six) calendar weeks.

The term of estos Customer Care is 12 months, but is aligned with the term of an existing software maintenance contract (service description "Software maintenance agreement").

Contractual partner

estos Customer Care is concluded between the end-user company and an estos partner. The procedure is the same as for the software maintenance contract (SPV).

Request direct access to estos support for end-user companies

End-user companies can use the following link to check their entitlement to "Direct access to estos support for end-user companies (DZSE)" and thus assert their claim. Access authorization to the estos ticket system is also granted as part of the registration process.

FAQ/Frequently asked questions

Do end-user companies receive free advice if they have questions about estos products?

No. Our partners are the primary contact for end-user companies. Inquiries are forwarded to our partners if no estos Customer Care has been booked.

Does estos install or set up the solution for partners or end-user companies?

Basically no. Our partners can continue to rely on our support through fee-based Professional Services, e.g. if an individual configuration is required.

Is there a direct business relationship between the end-user company and estos?

Yes, the estos partner is the intermediary.

Does estos carry out remote maintenance to rectify errors or problems?

No. Remote maintenance is not mandatory. However, they are possible with eCC. There are no additional costs for remote maintenance appointments initiated by us.

Are there any additional costs when booking eCC?

Additional costs may arise if estos is unable to solve the problem or carry out a final root cause analysis as part of the technical consultation. These costs can arise, for example, from network analyses or installation and configuration work. However, no costs are incurred without the express wish of the end customer, i.e. these costs are only incurred after an order has been placed, for example for our Professional Services.

Can end-user companies contact estos directly without informing the partner?

Yes, end-user companies are given access to the estos ticket system and can receive advice there. The partner is not informed about these processes.

Can end-user companies with eCC also call estos?

Yes, end-user companies can also contact us on +49 (8151) 36856-177 and receive technical advice. The times when you can reach us can be found in the description of Basic Support.

Is it also possible to book a consultation appointment?

For some time now, we have been offering all interested parties the opportunity to book a consultation appointment with our experts at

How can I communicate my request or questions to estos?

Please submit your claim for direct support from the manufacturer estos via After a check, you will receive access data to our ticket system and can open a case with us there.

Is there also an e-mail address where I can reach estos?

You can contact us via or send us an e-mail.

For which estos products can the eCC be booked?

estos Customer Care is offered for the following products:

  • ProCall 8 Enterprise
  • ECSTA 7 (to be released in 2024)
  • ProCall Analytics 3 
  • MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise

Comparison of services

Below you will find a comparison of our various services:

Serviceestos Customer Care (eCC)
Professional ServicesSoftware Maintenance Agreement (SMA)Service Level Agreement (SLA)Software Assurance (SA)

In case of queries or problems, direct advice for end-user companies directly from the manufacturer estos, to relieve estos partners of technical questions about estos products.

(info) Customized installations are implemented as part of professional services (additional service subject to a charge) following a feasibility assessment, which is covered by the consulting service.

Implementation of individual installations after prior feasibility check (project workshop) by estos on behalf of the estos partner.

Authorization to update and upgrade to the current product version with automatic contract renewal.

(info) Does not include estos Customer Care or Professional Services shares. These must be purchased separately

Isolate and analyze problems and maintain the programs in as error-free a state as possible or restore them with promised response times after impairment

Authorization to update and upgrade to the current product version. Only on request where automatic renewal is not possible and an upfront payment for the minimum term of 3 years is desired. Usually replaced by a software maintenance agreement (SMA).

Target groupEnd-user companies, via estos partnersestos partnerestos partnerEnd-user companies, via estos partnersestos partner
% of software costs per year (calculated on full licenses)12 %
  • Billing in 4h steps
  • Cost estimate as part of the feasibility check
20.4 %18 %

18 %

(Minimum term of 3 years)

Automatic contract renewalYes




General conditions

Products covered:

  • ProCall 8 Enterprise incl. ECSTA
  • ProCall Analytics 3 
  • MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise
  • ECSTA 7

Commissioning by estos partners, with a previously coordinated/agreed scope of services.

A feasibility check (project workshop) is a requirement.

Automatically issued for at least 1 year when the following products are purchased:
  • ProCall 8 Enterprise incl. ECSTA
  • MetaDirectory 6 Enterprise

For longer terms from purchase:

  • 3 years: 18 % p.a.
  • 5 years: 15.6 % p.a.
Must be ordered when purchasing the licenses.

Must be ordered when purchasing the licenses.

Access to the estos ticket system for end-user companiesYesNo (please contact estos partner)No (please contact estos partner)YesNo (please contact estos partner)
Service times with telephone availability, according to

Service descriptionestos Customer CareSoftware maintenance agreementService Level AgreementSoftware Assurance