ProCall App für Web (Preview)

Release Date

Version2024.06.21 (1147.35ab7055)
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The software is available as a preview version . There are still limitations in terms of functionality and quality. We are continuously working on further development.

New functions

  • Expanded telephony functions: Users can now forward softphone calls, make consultation calls and toggle between calls. 

  • Quality display: The quality of voice and image transmission is now displayed directly in the call window.

  • The option of using a virtual background is now also available for video chats.
    • The use of virtual backgrounds consumes local system resources. As a result, video streaming may not be available in the best possible quality or may not be available on certain end devices or browser versions.
  • To keep users continuously informed about new updates, the release notes are now available directly in the ProCall App for Web.


  • The conversation window has been redesigned to make it easier to use and clearer.
  • Several entries can now be selected in the journal or call list at the same time. To do this, right-click on an entry in the journal or call list. The "Select" entry leads to the selection option (checkbox) for several or all journal entries. These entries can then either be marked as "edited/unedited" or "deleted".
  • The accessibility of the app has been improved, particularly in the navigation menu and chat, in order to increase accessibility for all users.
  • Texts from other applications and gif files can be copied and pasted into the chat as text or as a gif file.
  • Log files can now be downloaded under "Settings" - "System".
  • Improvements have been made to the perceptibility of reactions in the chat, including the display of notifications.
  • The functionality in the search field has been improved.
  • The display when sending files in the chat has been improved.
  • The display of initials in the presence has been improved.
  • The Azure Application Insights application is used to optimize performance and user-friendliness.
  • The Grafana Loki application is used for the automatic recording of the program sequence and errors. 
  • The Privacy Policy of the ProCall App for Web has been updated accordingly.

Bug fixes

  • Various errors have been fixed.

Das the ProCall App for Web is under continuous development, unannounced changes are possible.
Ongoing softphone calls or audio/video chats may be interrupted if you update the app during a call.
Even when closing or reloading the browser tab in which the ProCall app for Web is displayed, ongoing calls are terminated.

Please note that the appearance and the options for use/setup may vary depending on the browser variant used. 

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