State of knowledge

May 2021

Upgrade procedure

Update of an existing ixi-UMS 7 Business installation

For the installation of service releases within a major release version 7.x no further preparations are necessary. The settings remain unchanged.

Unpack the zip file and execute the ixiUMSBusiness_Setup.exe.

Upgrade from ixi-UMS 6 Business to ixi-UMS 7 Business

Upgrades from existing ixi-UMS 6 Business installations to ixi-UMS 7 Business incl. data transfer is possible with versions from 

Further information: Best practice: ixi-UMS 7 Business upgrade – process for major release changes from version 6.x to 7.x

Licensing: Upgrade licensing to ixi-UMS 7 Business is only possible in the respective installed package sizes of ixi-UMS 6 Business.

e.g.1: Customer has a packet for ixi-UMS 6 Business 2 channels/10 users then only an upgrade to ixi-UMS 7 Business 2 channels/10 users is possible.

e.g.2: Customer has a packet for ixi-UMS 6 Business 4 channels/50 users and ixi-UMS 6 Business 2 channels/25 users, then only an upgrade packet to ixi-UMS 7 Business 4 channels/50 users or 2 channels/25 users is possible.

Compatibility of estos products used

ixi-UMS 7 Business can be used in combination with ProCall 6 Enterprise/ProCall 7 Enterprise.

Always make a backup before making any changes to an existing installation.