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February 2023

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ProCall meetings and integration with Microsoft Teams

Settings for appointments in online meetings

When using Microsoft Teams, creating a new meeting appointment in the calendar automatically creates a Microsoft Teams invitation and attaches it to the appointment, if necessary.
This also applies to invitations that you want to send for a meeting via ProCall Meetings, among other things..  

To prevent invitations to ProCall meetings from also containing an invitation to a Microsoft Teams meeting, you can edit each of these manually.

However, there is also a global way to set/unset this behavior for calendar invitations here by changing the calendar, meetings and time zone settings:

Microsoft Outlook calendar, meeting and time zone settings – File – Calendar options

The setting options can be found, for example, in Microsoft Outlook under File Outlook options – Calendar – Calendar options.

Remove the checkmark from "Add online meeting to all meetings".

Example screenshot: Microsoft Outlook options – File – Calendar – Calendar options – Uncheck "Add online meeting to all meetings".